Draco Ventare A Ducati bumper for iPhone 5s review

DRACOdesign makes high-end aluminum bumpers for the iPhone, and the new Ventare A is no exception. It sports two gold-colored aluminum side panels and two plastic caps, the bottom of which sports Ducati branding. It offers great quality, minimal radio interference, and since it's gold — it's the only acceptable color!

Just like all of Draco's cases, and aluminum bumpers in general, you unscrew the case, insert your iPhone, and screw it back in. So, yes, you need to be committed. Smartly, the hex screw driver that comes with it is also a stylus, and multi-tasking tools are always a bonus. There's also a Ducati branded neck strap included as well.

The fit and finish are great and all the button passthroughs work well, just as you'd expect. If you like the curved look, you'll love the Draco Ventare A Ducati bumper for iPhone 5s (and iPhone 5.)

If anyone has any questions about the Ventare A, or thoughts on it in general, let me know!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Draco Ventare A Ducati bumper for iPhone 5s review


Did you watch the video? One bar droppage, roughly, that was Rene's experience and my experience in the US.

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Yup, roughly one bar, which is nothing if you live in an area with good/great signal, and a show-stopper if you're in an area of extremely poor signal.

That signal droppage actually makes it almost a non option for me due to the fact that my job site has almost no signal :/ but everywhere else I'm at it's no issue.

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Impractical and ugly. Rene, I know you have to talk up these things when you get free units. Even if you are in an area with great cell coverage, you will always find spots where coverage is worse, so to promote an accessory that actually affects your antenna negatively is odd, when the antenna is a fairly important part of a cell phone.
Accessories are meant to enhance a device's features, protection and/or looks. This arguably does checks none of those boxes.
I always get the feeling that iMore and in particular Rene, tout products from your mates and freebies, without giving a true honest and fair review.

I think it's a fair review, I would still be using my Draco if the hotel maids hadn't vacuumed up the mute switch. Yes, even with one bar dropped, and yes, while working in an area with poor coverage.

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For that positive endorsement, Draco should send you a replacement mute switch.
Personally I think it's like buying a brand new Ferrari and taking it to the local pimp shop and getting a custom spoiler that covers an air intake which affects performance.
To each his own though.

Hope you pickup a mute switch sometime and make your cover whole again.

Sent from the iMore App

I also don't know anyone at Draco, in any way, so the "mates" comment is absurd. It's like me suggesting you're questioning my ethics because you're friends with a competitor. How ridiculous would that be?

You're stating your personal preference as a checklist and that's likewise ridiculous. I know a lot of people who think these cases look awesome, and value what they offer.

You're confusing SUBJECTIVE with OBJECTIVE and you're doing it while questioning my ethics and attacking my character. Neither of those things are acceptable.

If you don't like my review, do one of your own, and then come at me with facts.

Apologies if you think I was attacking your character. You are however probably one of the last people on earth that should be accusing anyone of being subjective and not objective. Most of what comes out of your mouth is subjective. I do agree that my viewpoints are probably more subjective though. Most people's are.
Most of the time you sound like an Apple groupie. I mean, we all like Apple and technology in general. That's why we follow iMore and the likes, but you very seldom look at things concerning Apple objectively. You epitomize the Cult of Mac.
It would be great to see more articles and videos from the likes of Peter and the rest of the imore team too. I value Peter's views. Georgia and Ally are great too.

I've seen more from Peter, Ally, and Richard lately than I have from Rene. But they all have their positions, that's how it is. Cult of Mac? A lot of iMore staff use many Google services, did you not see the backlash given when Chrome was put in a list of apps all new Mac owners should get? But you're right, this is a site the caters to Apple, and I would expect it to, as I would expect the sister sites to cater to their specialty as well. You're saying that we drive Fords, talk about Fords, but don't talk enough about Chevy's.....at a Ford plant. All of the Mobile Nations sites give credit where due, and bring up the competition where necessary. And OBJECTIVELY Draco makes great cases, they don't suit everyone, and they drop your signal by about a bar.

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