Dream:scape, the Unreal 3 Engine powered game eventually coming on June 9th [video]

We heard that Dream:scape had been submitted to the App Store way back in April; but why hasn’t it appeared for our download pleasure? Well it seems that after submitting the game to Apple, it hit a snag. The game would only run well on the latest iOS hardware; namely the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

This caused a rethink by the developer (Speedbump) and it pulled the game for some recoding work, to enable it to run on more devices. Today, Speedbump decided to share the good news that the app has been resubmitted and will be released next week; June 9th to be precise. The newly coded version should work on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch, iPad and iPad 2. Speedbump describe the game as an interactive narrative experience, an immersive exploratory environment, a haunting journey that will become your world.

Take on the role of Wilson, a coma patient relearning his past by exploring the dreamscape of his memories. Only there, in the lucid light of the subconscious, buried secrets are revealed, unraveling a decades-old mystery of tragedy, betrayal, and ultimately, revenge.

Speedbump also released a new trailer for the game which you can find after the break. It looks beautiful and I am really looking forward to getting hold of this one! What do you think?

[Speedbump via touchArcade]


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There are 14 comments. Add yours.

Lalartu says:

I'm all over this one. I can't wait.

Jonatha Charles says:

Must admit, I was underwhelmed by the graphics. I was expecting something better than Infinity Blade.

jshum says:

Yeah, the graphics look pretty crappy. Nothing like Infinity Blade.
What I'm really looking forward to is NOVA 3. That looks promising and will aslo run on Unreal Engine

Tweger01 says:

I know a spider is my nemesis.

jcrl says:

I hope this is good
It's getting some hype

Wapsi13 says:

Yea definitely was expecting better graphics.. Might still be a cool game though

zero credibility says:

i thought dead space had better graphics.
+1 for nova 3

fishfarm20 says:

Whatever happened to gameplay over graphics? I'd take a game that's a lot a fun to play with mediocre graphics vs. a game with phenomenal graphics and gameplay that makes you want to stick hot needles in your eyes? Besides, being an open world game, there arelimitations on the platform, granted I love my iP4 but, it's not a 360 or PS3, something has to yield. I like Infinity Blade - it's got great graphics, but it's a game on rails and very redundant.

frozencloud says:

as long as it doesnt crashes every 30 sec like Infinity blade, it's a + to me

skylite22 says:

wow ive never had IB crash on me...

Michael says:

Yeah Infinity Blade has been rock solid for me as well.

Edandterri says:

I picked it up yesterday. It's beautiful, runs smoothly on my iphone 4, and is currently stumping me! Going back in to explore some more.