Dropbox teases iOS 7 redesign while talking about something else

One app many of us use daily that has gone so far without an iOS 7 makeover is Dropbox. It's a prime case of an app that needs to maintain function primarily over fashion, but on the official Dropbox blog today the redesign has been teased. While talking about a completely different subject.

The topic of the post regards changes to Dropbox for Business, in particular linking your personal account to your business account so you can access both on one device within the Dropbox app. And the image used clearly shows a version of the Dropbox app we've yet to see.

So, a redesign is coming our way, but hopefully Dropbox goes beyond just the shiny hotness on the outside and gets hooked in well and truly to iOS 7. Background sync anyone?

Source: Dropbox

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Reader comments

Dropbox teases iOS 7 redesign while talking about something else


Try Copy at copy.com, it works the same as dropbox but it gives you 15gb of space a huge win over their pathetic 2gb.

Btw works across all devices/

I agree, sometimes I am missing space in dropbox if I wanto to share more (bigger) files. Copy is awesome. But you need dropbox account for many apps anyway.

If someone wants to regisater and get +5GB space, here is the link:
(I should get some space as well for it, although I don't know how much).

I have more storage on copy than Dropbox, but I find that so many more things are integrated with Dropbox that it's still the better option.
The iOS 7 design may switch me back over from boxie.

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Agreed with the background photos update but I wish they would offer more space for free. Or maybe I just have a crap load of photos. (Shrugs)

Also love the look! Honestly didn't even realize that the app wasn't iOS 7-esque until now. Hopefully this update gets pushed out soon!

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Why bother with Dropbox when you can use copy.com or google drive? Drop box is so behind its ridiculous.

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In my experience Dropbox does sync better than the rest (that I've tried: Box, Skydrive, Drive and iCloud).

Yes it has more limited functionality but it does what I need it to. The key function I'd like to see introduced is a similar app to Box Edit.

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