Dropbox's new app Carousel aims to organize all of your photos

Dropbox today announced a brand new app for handling photos called Carousel. In it, you’ll be able to instantly back up pictures as you take them to the cloud, share photos with friends, view images by date and location, and leave comments on photos shared by friends.

Though the core Dropbox app has handled instant camera upload and back-up for some time, and even had dedicated views for images in the web client, spinning off the functionality into a separate app is a new twist, and vaguely reminiscent of Evernote’s ever-growing plethora of in-house creations. In addition to Carousel, Dropbox today also announced the launch of Mailbox for Android and a beta of Mailbox for OS X.

The Carousel app will be going live on Android and iOS today. How many of you are already using Dropbox to back up your mobile photos? Do you have the need for a dedicated app, beyond what’s already available?

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Reader comments

Dropbox's new app Carousel aims to organize all of your photos


I'm going to give it a look but dropbox has gotten out in left field on pricing compared to services vs their competitors.

I will check it out, even though I already have Box Dropbox and OneDrive. Maybe it'll have some function that the others don't have.

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Still have to deal with dropbox showing you every single image across your whole dropbox account , not just your photos. I'll stick to the Unbound app. It just shows your photos.

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This is nothing but a scam by DropBox to get people to upgrade to their Pro version which is $99. No thanks, DropBox. You need to drop your prices!

The app may be wonderful--I don't know yet. But, it's hard to justify the price of using dropbox as a photo storage solution.

With Flickr, loom, photolife--just to name a few, why would I pay the premium to move my photos over to dropbox?