Droplr 3 brings iPad support, native sharing, and more

Droplr 3 brings iPad support, native sharing, and more

Droplr has been updated to version 3.0 which brings with it native iPad support, new sharing options, a tweaked interface, and more. For those not familiar with Droplr and what it does, it's a great way to share all kinds of files and store them in one universal place. With support from many third party apps, it's a great option for keeping track of all the files, photos, and videos you want to share across all your networks.

Droplr has long been a favorite when it comes to sharing images and other kinds of files and sharing them across the internet. With support for both Mac and Windows as well as iPhone and now iPad, it's a good option if you want access to all your files from anywhere. If you want to repost a video or image you previously shared, it's as simple as copying a link.

Many third party apps such as Twitterrific, Tweetbot, and many other services have native support for Droplr built right in which means you have access to everything you've uploaded to every network all within one app. The new version of Droplr also offers an option to upgrade to Pro within the app for $39.99 a year. Pro will remove ads and allow you to upload larger file sizes.

Version 3.0 of Droplr also allows you to share images in new ways via the sharing menu and also adds some visual enhancements that are a nice addition. You can pick up Droplr 3 from the App Store now for free and purchase Pro if you'd like via in-app purchase. For current Droplr users, 3.0 will simply be an update.

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Droplr 3 brings iPad support, native sharing, and more