Droplr brings annotation, markup, and sketch support to Mac app with Droplr Draw

Droplr brings annotation, markup, and sketch support to Mac app with Droplr Draw

Droplr, the popular image sharing and link shortener service, has just announced an update to their existing Mac app that will add a new feature called Droplr Draw. Draw brings with it new options for marking up and annotating your files and screenshots.

As it sits now, Droplr waits patiently in your Mac's status bar for when you'd like to share a file, copy a URL to your clipboard, or any other kind of sharing command you'd like to give it. With the addition of Droplr Draw, you can now annotate, mark up, add text, shapes, and more directly to the file you need to share. While dedicated annotation or sketch software is probably needed by anyone who needs to do heavy annotation and frequent edits, others that just need the basics will most likely find the offering to annotate and instantly share under one roof to be a great selling point and a better solution.

Droplr Draw will be available as a premium feature for Droplr subscribers. That means you need the Pro version of Droplr or have a subscription in order to use it. A premium subscription runs $39 as an in-app purchase through the Mac App Store. If you happen to try it out, let us know what you think!

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