Dungeon Hunter 4 hacking and slashing its way onto iOS this April

Iron Man 3 wasn't the only title Gameloft was showing off at GDC 2013; they also had Dungeon Hunter 4, which promises to be a great addition to their fantasy action-RPG family. Though the game remains free-to-play with optional in-app purchases for some items, Dungeon Hunter 4 has a greater focus single player campaign (while DH3 was more about quick-and-dirty arena matches). DH4 has clearly upped the ante in terms of graphics, too. Character models are more detailed, lighting effects are dramatic, and overall, the whole thing plays very smoothly.

Players work their way through a linear storyline, slaying all manner of monsters using one of four different character classes and their unique special abilities. As they progress, new powers are unlocked and new gear is picked up and upgraded. Players can hook up online for co-operative of competitive multiplayer. Sure, the hack-and-slash gameplay might not be a massive departure from what you're used to, but you know what they say: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Keep an eye out for Dungeon Hunter 4 when it hits the App Store this April.

Simon Sage

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shinuyuki says:

Oh that looks amazing. It feels like an MMO. Simon, do you know if this game has Healer in it? Would love to play this game with a healing character.

Simon Sage says:

Don't think so, now that you mention it. Maybe the spellcaster class has some healing abilities.

shinuyuki says:

That's good to know. I would love to see the classes being very dynamic either healing or support.

Dredd67 says:

Meh, it's not like we've already seen this concept dozens of times before. I'm getting annoyed by these uninteresting serials ...

asuperstarr says:

GDC 2013 showcased some great new games this year. Now we have to wait for the release. This is another exciting game!

kenje4090 says:

This is awesome, much more to those boys who plays games like this. Gameloft makes ios more game friendly

wscotchmer says:

I really enjoyed the previous Dungeon Hunter. Looking forward to this one. Hope it works on my iPad mini...