Dungeon Keeper launching for iOS devices this winter

Dungeon Keeper launching for iOS devices this winter

EA is bringing Dungeon Keeper to iOS devices. The game is a reboot of 90s franchise, tailored to mobile devices. Dungeon Keeper lets the player create his own sinister dungeon, and build armies to send them against other dungeons, according to EA:

As the hands-on overlord of your very own subterranean lair, design a devilish dungeon with expertly laid tunnels and traps, unearth treasures, and collect and command minions in a battle to dominate the ever-expanding underworld.

Dungeon Keeper will feature both PvE and PvP gameplay. The original Dungeon Keeper was released for PC in 1997, and was followed up by a sequel in 1999. The mobile version will be available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and will be coming this winter. Who out there is looking forward to this one?

Source: EA

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Dungeon Keeper launching for iOS devices this winter

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This looks cool. However given that it's EA, they'll probably make it freemium with IAP's and completely ruin any chance of this game not being a money suck.