Dvorak Slams Apple for iBricking, Threatens to Write More Crazy Editorials


Tech curmudgeon John C. Dvorak (the C stands for cranky) points the spotlight of criticism on Apple for its blatant act of bricking unlocked iPhones. He points out that in many overseas markets unlocked phones are common place, and a lucrative business. Hey, John... I agree with you, but trying to get Apple to change its policies is like trying to wrestle a half ton alligator. It's a futile effort and just makes the gator angry.


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Dvorak Slams Apple for iBricking, Threatens to Write More Crazy Editorials


the iPhone update brought some unexpected changes people dont know about these and apple hasent told you. One update that was not told by apple is how the keyboard has changed. Im not talking aboutthe space bar im talking about the keys if u press and hold a button like O different letters pop up. Its like a diffrent languages lettter theres about 5 diff letters per letter. Jyst press and hold a button u will see. Another diffrent update that i found is youtube now remembers your searches it did not in 1.0.2

That's the problem with apple fans, they just take it from Steeve, without any fight.
P.S. I have iPhone and I use Mac, it's just frustrating to see all the crazy stuff that the mothership comes up with.

Apple gave fair warning. Nobody has any right to complain if their phone has been bricked. They shouldn't have updated the phone. It's their own fault. Period.

yeah apple fans are pussies.. They let stave jobs stick it to them..
My. Xbox 360 has a malfunction and three years later even after i bought it microsoft will fix my console for free. They'll even pay shipping ..plus.
I'm aware of their updates they do a great job informing me.

Jason, I don't call a few days prior to release "fair warning". And the warning came after the fact. Apple should have made a public statement long ago, warning customers about the potential breakage posed by future firmware updates so that informed decisions could be made NOT to unlock iPhones. Instead of alerting users AFTER they had already unlocked their units. That's my biggest gripe.

Carlos - Wow! You bought an Xbox 360 a full year before it was even released?!? That's amazing!
Or, you're just full of it.