EA reveals, not surprisingly, the freemium future of FIFA Mobile

EA has today announced yet another of their premium mobile titles will be heading down the freemium route. The next release of FIFA Mobile – or, FIFA 14 as it'll likely be known as its console equivalent – was the topic of discussion during EA's Gamescom press conference in Germany. Ben Gilbert of Engadget:

Apparently that free-to-play ethos is extending to FIFA mobile as well. This year's FIFA mobile will arrive free of charge.

It's hardly a surprise, since Real Racing 3 and Plants vs Zombies 2 are also premium EA titles that adopt the same method of monetization. But it doesn't make it any easier to swallow. I buy, and enjoy the console version of FIFA every single year, without fail, because it gives me the premium football – that's soccer, to everyone in the U.S. – experience I'm looking for. FIFA 13 on mobile brought some of that same great experience, and at a reasonable price point as well.

I'm not going to completely tear it apart until I've had a chance to try it out for myself. But dammit, why isn't there a premium paid option as well, completely free of in-app purchases for those who are willing to drop $10, $15 or maybe more. I've been playing FIFA in one shape or another since 1995, I just hope EA doesn't tarnish its good name now by nickel and diming players until they get bored and delete it. I'm not alone, right?

Source: Engadget

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Reader comments

EA reveals, not surprisingly, the freemium future of FIFA Mobile


I got this free for the past 2 years. They put it up free all the time. I honestly never play either version. I've maybe played three times total over two versions.

I'm not a fan of this either.
The manager mode in FIFA13 already made you earn "points" to get better attributes, much like Real Racing 3 does. I am not looking forward to seeing them now charge you in order to have more than 1 training session a month, or it takes 15 wins to earn enough credits to send a scout out without paying for it, etc.

Thinking on RealRacing - I bought RR2 and me and my children liked to play it. RR2 we use much less. I would like to pay them 10 to 20 to get all inapp options - but I think, we will never get it. If you like it much, I think some people are paying 100 or more over the livetime of the game, an thats mor emoney for EA ;-(


EA going freemium is like: They're Zinedine Zidane and they are headbutting us in our gut. Hopefully the console version will stay as is and we can enjoy football as it is and so do the other sports titles they put out for consoles (Fingers & Toes crossed).