EA's SimCity Coming to App Store

Fans of EA's ever popular SimCity series should be jumping with joy right about now. Later this month EA will be releasing SimCity for the iPhone on the App Store. Kotaku was able to demo the game recently and here is what they had to say:


blockquote>The controls act the same way they do for Google maps. Sliding your fingers together, inward, zooms out, while sliding them apart zooms in. Touching and dragging moves your view around the map, while continuous taps cycles through the zoom levels. Placing singular objects is simple, but placing large zones or roads can be tricky to maneuver. Once you've selected the zone you want, you touch and drag to the appropriate length and width. However, there are times when you may find zones overlapping or roads not lining up properly. EA allows for easy corrections as you can reposition or delete unwanted blocks by the touch of a finger. I found this to be a little wonky at times the more dense an area becomes due to the increased chances of deleting the wrong block or building.

Being a unfinished demo it sounds pretty promising for fans of the series! The bugs and kinks mentioned should be fixed by the time it rolls in to the App Store, at least we are hopeful they are. Price point for this game is expected to be $9.99. We will update you when it drops!

[Via Gizmodo]

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Reader comments

EA's SimCity Coming to App Store


I just realized something. It's going to be very interesting to see how this app will run on the iPhone...that is to say how the iPhone's RAM will hold up in the game.

I loved this game back in the day but have not played it in years. At reduced price after a month or 2 on the App Store and I'd be ready to purchase.
I can visualize this game on the iPhone's screen and using multi-touch to navigate around the city. This is an ideal platform for this game.

I was just thinking yesterday how there's hasn't been a good SimCity game in years, and it's too bad that genre has kind of died.

I hope this game is extremely popular, I think it will be. I mean this on an iPhone is amazing and will most likely be on my phone right after Need For Speed.

Oh yeah! I love SimCity so this is fantastic news. I am willing to pay the full $12.99 AUD as soon as this comes out. The use of SimCity 3000 graphics is another plus.

Just amazing this game, I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago, and I have to agree, it looks so nice, and it's been amazing to play and zoom in. Unfortunately it had a bad habbit to crash the iPhone, even to the point that it would freeze up my iPhone for a few minutes.
Finally, a few days ago, EA released a free update to "increase stability of SimCity on the iPhone". And I have to agree, it's just an amazing update! The app no longer crashes and freezes my iPhone! No instead it just crashes the app itself after about 10 seconds, so much about "increased stability of SimCity"!
I cannot recommend this game, for a game, created by one of the largest computergame companies in the world, it feels like a huge deception!