eBay Valet helps you sell on consignment online

eBay Valet

eBay has launched a new app called Valet which helps you asses the value of stuff you want to sell and easily ship it off to someone who will handle the business of auctioning it off online. You get a free shipping label, the seller takes a 30% of whatever it sells for, and you get the other 70% over PayPal. Just keep in mind that you can't sell anything through Valet that's worth less than $40 or is otherwise in poor condition.

eBay's existing core application lets you handle the selling yourself, as well as shopping online, handling bids, and monitoring auctions. There are also dedicated eBay apps for motor and fashion marketplaces, not to mention a separate app built specifically for the iPad.

If you're interested in this kind of program, swing by the eBay Valet site for more info. How do you guys feel about handing off your goods for someone else to sell? Is it worth 30% to skip the hassle of dealing with bidders and shipping?

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eBay Valet helps you sell on consignment online


This might work but I'm skeptical. I sell and buy a lot on eBay so I may let this marinate for a while and get some feedback from others first.