Eddie Cue announces new version of iLife apps for iOS and Mac

Eddie Cue announces new version of iLife apps for iOS and Mac

Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services has just announced brand new versions of the iLife software family, both for iOS and Mac. All of the iLife apps for iOS have been redesigned for iOS 7. iPhoto for iOS has added photo books, and it is now easier to view and share photos over the previous version. iMovie for iOS features new effects, better browsing, and Theater mode, which syncs movies created on one device across iCloud to all of your devices, including the Apple TV. GarageBand for iOS now supports recording up to 32 tracks at a time.

The iLife apps, both for iOS and Mac, are available for free, and the updates for existing users are available today.

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Reader comments

Eddie Cue announces new version of iLife apps for iOS and Mac


"The iLife apps, both for iOS and Mac, ... and the updates for existing users are available today."

Is this confirmed?

I don't understand why Apple has two separate photo apps. Just roll them into one and end the redundancy.

The Mac App Store is showing the update date as 10/22, but the price is $14.99. What gives? Thought it was free.

I'm surprised enough that Mavericks was free alone, a nice update from Lion but now Parallels is broken.

Anyway, on point from what I understand or caught from the broadcast was the new iLife apps being free for new Mac owners. Being that I'm still rocking a MBP from 2010, I may have to pay for the desktop updates.

On the other hand, my iPad 2 (64GB) got the updated iLife iOS 7 apps pushed to it last night.

Sent from the iMore App

It should be noted that since the latest versions of these apps landed yesterday, GarageBand has been free in both the iOS and Mac App Stores (note: I'm already running Mavericks, which may be required to see the new iLife updates)...

Not sure why this is the case, as even Eddie Cue reiterated yesterday that iLife and iWork apps are only supposed to be free with the purchase of a new iOS device or Mac; it may just be a mistake on Apple's part. But I've downloaded them for both my iOS devices and MacBook Pro at no cost and without an equipment purchase, and I have additionally confirmed through two other unrelated Apple IDs that the iOS version was available to them for free as well.

If you have an iOS device or Mac and don't have GarageBand yet, you should probably go grab it now before they fix the issue and the $4.99/$14.99 respective price points are enforced again.