Thank you Chris Oldroyd!

Editor's desk: Thank you Chris!

Chris Oldroyd joined iMore in October of 2010, coming to us from a place in the UK that looked more like old BBC dramas than the hustle-and-bustle of modern-day London. Since then he's been getting up at the break of dawn -- Eastern Time, I think that translates into sometime after elevensies, UK time -- and posting whatever interesting news, apps, or accessories had come across the wire over night. (Literally -- his internet was so bad for so long we had to string an actual wire to his castle.)

Funny, classy, and the soul of stability, Chris has made iMore a better, more enjoyable, and more memorable place ever since. And, sadly, tomorrow will be his last day with us. Chris' work and his family has gotten to the point where they need his attention more than we do, and gentleman that he is he knows where his priorities lie.

We'll miss Chris. I'll miss Chris.

For everything you've done for us, and for everything you mean to us, thank you and farewell!

Going forward, you can still follow and reach Chris via @chrisoldroyd. Be sure to tease him about his football soccer picks!

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Reader comments

Thank you Chris Oldroyd!


Best of luck Chris! I'm glad you know where your priorities lie. Family must always come first. Thank you for bringing great stories to us here at; it means a lot, more than you know.

"More than you know" I know everyone values different things in their life more than other stuff....but damn b, he's writing articles for an Apple blog, not saving lives

Best of luck, Chris. I could count on you to provide some early morning reading, and I will miss your contributions to the site.


know that we will get the opportunity to hear from you in the future. Until that time, good luck, and enjoy your family.

I've always enjoyed your articles, Mr. Oldroyd. Further, I'm really going to miss seeing snippets and pics of your home. I'm filled with envy every time I see them (good envy, mind you, not like seething jealousy). They remind me of my family's home in Germany, which I haven't seen since 1996.
I hope you and your family are well and wish you a bright future.
Lastly: "Castle?" Mr. Ritchie wrote castle without quotes. Does this mean you actually live in a castle?! Now I AM green with envy... ;)
All the best.

Hopefully you can still throw us a bone from across the water every now and then. Until the next time we hear from you best of wishes to you and the family.

Sad to see you go but you gotta do what you gotta do for the family. Good luck with whatever life brings you Chris.

Chris, even though we don't know each other, I thank you and salute you on your new endeavors. Thanks for helping out iMore. God bless you and yours. Cheers.

We'll miss your valuable input here. Enjoy your wonderful family. Who knows....maybe you'll be able to return after taking care of family business. WE APPRECIATE YOU! God bless you