EE announces new tiered data speed plans, UK's most affordable 4G LTE

EE, the UK's largest 4G LTE provider, has today announced a range of new tiered data plans, along with the country's first pay as you go 4G LTE offering. The new plans are designed to offer the benefits of super-fast mobile data, yet become more affordable than ever before, and could be worth a look with a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.

EE will start offering a range of 'entry-level' tariffs starting from £18.99 per month and offering download speeds of up to 30Mbps. Along side this, a "4GEE Extra" offering is being brought to the table, beginning at £26.99 a month, which claims to offer customers "access to the worlds fastest 4G speeds," the biggest UK data allowances for 4G, inclusive roaming calls and texts in 30 countries worldwide and fast track customer service.

Some bold claims aside – especially since Three is yet to come on board with its promised unlimited LTE – it's great news for UK smartphone owners that EE is beginning to drive the prices down for 4G LTE. The network is a year older than competitors, but competition is what we need to drive the prices to more affordable reaches. For full information on the new plans, head on over to the source link below.

Source: EE

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Reader comments

EE announces new tiered data speed plans, UK's most affordable 4G LTE


wow.. makes Verizon/ATT look like highway robbers.. even puts t-mobile to shame! /cry

@Richard, could you bring some of that over to the states please? :D

There are a few MVNOs like Straight Talk that offer similar prices. £26.99 is about $43 according to Google. Straight Talk is $45 and offers LTE. MetroPCS is only $40, but they have a much smaller coverage base.

But yeah, the big four networks are pretty expensive.

Oh right. Currently I'm SIM only, (bought the phone outright). I'm on a 12 month contract with Three, (who've promised not to increase the price my contract I think), when they go 4G.
I'm paying £15/mnth for All you can eat Data.
When I say all you can eat the small print says 'no fair use policy'. When my home broadband went down I used the phone as a HotSpot and don't remember the speed slowing due to throttling.

Yes, please!!! $135 US on a grandfathered unlimited plan bc it's cheaper than the new limited plans for me... And I'm throttled!!! Bring EE to the US!!!

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