EFI update to address rare wake from sleep issues on mid-2011 MacBook Air's now available

If you have a mid-2011 MacBook Air and have been experiencing issues with the system taking longer to wake from sleep than expected or your fans run at full speed when after waking device up, Apple has now made available a new EFI update that aims to address those problems.

It's a small 4.3MB download available directly from the Apple website and should be ran over top of EFI versions 0077.00, 0077.08, 077.0E, 0077.0F with OS X 10.9.2 and later. Luckily, you won't really have to check all that yourself though you can if you wish.

The installer once downloaded will double check to ensure it can be run on your computer before actually installing so even if you have a mid-2011 MacBook Air and just want to ensure you're not affected, you can download the update and run it to see if it applies to your system.

Source: Apple via: Apple Insider

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Reader comments

EFI update to address rare wake from sleep issues on mid-2011 MacBook Air's now available


Just downloaded and installed this on my Mid 2011 MBA. IT KILLED IT!!
ΜΒΑ shutdown and won't boot. Tried SMC reset and everything. Nothing. Dead.

I had the same thing happen! What I did was close the lid and waited about 10 minutes. I then lifted the lid, the Mac woke up and has been fine ever since. I'm not sure why this worked but hopefully it helps YOU. Good luck!

It just killed mine as well. Should have read the comments before I did this. I am waiting the 10 min. With the lid closed, after about a min, it will make the restart sound a few time. There is still no display or light up of the keys. After a few more rounds of the sound, it started up again. Not a great way to update a problem.

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