Eight Android phones to buy instead of the 8 GB iPhone 5c

Eight Android phones to buy instead of the 8 GB iPhone 5c

Apple on Tuesday quietly introduced a new iPhone 5c model to select European and Asian markets today with a lower price tag but half the storage capacity; 8 GB, for - in the UK anyway, about £40 less than its 16 GB counterpart. You can read all about it here.

Reaction so far - judging by my totally unscientific Twitter observations and the comments in our own forums - has been pretty tepid. People seem unimpressed with what they perceive as a fairly small price difference for a significantly reduced amount of storage capacity.

And really, who can blame them. It's not a terrific value on a phone whose sales haven't exactly set charts on fire to begin with.

Our friends over at Android Central have rounded up eight Android phones that new phone buyers should consider beside the 8 GB iPhone 5c. If you've decided that the 8 GB iPhone 5c is the last straw and you'd rather just abuse yourself with an Android phone, head on over and take a look.

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Eight Android phones to buy instead of the 8 GB iPhone 5c


A truly cheap 5c would be nice for people who just want an iPhone, first and foremost, and don't do music or apps or photos ... I don't understand them, but these people exist. I have seen them. They're using iPhone 3GS and 4 phones.

Maybe. I'll bet they're like so many Android users that don't heavily use their device.

I had an 8GB iPod Touch in 2008. So painful.

I've had a phone with no storage before and it's great for 5 min till you download some apps and take some photos and video or have an OS update. Then you begin to resent your phone because you can't do anything because your out of space or you have a little space left and you get an OS update and it keeps failing and finally you give up and delete everything to get the OS update to work. DON"T DO IT. It's a a form of hell.

Ehhhh I wouldn't go that far. Nexus 5 and Moto X don't have expandable storage and they're the ones Google was pushing the most.

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Only like 1% or maybe less don't have SD card slots. This is why Android is better when it comes to storage. Majority of them have expandable storage so you won't have to worry about running out of space.

I can't even think of any phones on sale right now that actually have SD card slots other than the Xperia and Samsung lines. HTC, Moto, LG, Nexus all don't.

Yeah those are only SOME flagship phones that everyone knows of. Expand your search beyond the few flagships that everyone knows of and you'll see there's A LOT that have SD support. I'm not a huge promoter of it since I've been using phones without it but you can buy cheap and usable android phones with low internal storage AND SD support for much more storage.
Oh and the lg g pro 2 has SD support.

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But thats the point. At the 8gb 5C price you don't have to settle for "most android phones" you can get a very high end flagship phone for the price.

Um you do realize I could buy a Nexus 5 and a Nexus 7 which are both flagship devices for the same price of a iphone 5c or 5s, thats the point, it snot like your getting a mid range android its a flagship top of the line better specs than the iphone 5s but for 1/2 the price.

Yeah you worded that a little funny. I had to read it a couple times till I understood. Lol but you're right though.

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A smartphone with 8GB of on board, non-expandable storage is a bit of misnomer. It's not really a smart device at all. If this iPhone had the ability to expand storage capacity through external media and natively write to and from this storage without being limited to the type of data it can contain it would be a nice compromise for people on the fence about the iPhone.

I intentionally bought the 16G iPhone 5 because I knew I'd keep as much off of it as possible via streaming and cloud storage (or offloading to the mac). I never have more than 4G of non-OS stuff on it. I delete apps I don't use or games I finished, manage photos, etc. I see the geekverse acting like an SD card slot on a phone is some massive innovation and I'm baffled. Meanwhile I'm eliminating wires and cables everywhere in my personal tech sphere. I only D/L music to the phone if I have a spotty connection.

£299 ($500) Nexus 5 16GB
£429 ($700) iPhone 5c 8GB

I'm all about iPhones, but $700 for it is steep in the UK.

You could get a top-end Nokia WP for the same price as this crippled-down marvel of board-room Powerpoint-that-Cook-bought on how to make a plenty more money still for Apple on the expense of user experience -- which, to be frank, has been Cook's favourite strategy for the past two years.

I'm just a tad bit angry as to why I come to my favorite #EverythingApple site, and I have to see you guys promoting Android phones as an option to buying the iPhone. That's not a good sign.

Our focus on Apple doesn't - and shouldn't - mean that we can't criticize Apple when the situation merits it. I don't think the iPhone 5c with 8 GB is a particularly good value, and Android Central's coverage reveals that there are Android alternatives that come considerably better equipped at lower prices. That's something that anyone who cares objectively about Apple should endeavor to understand - we don't live in an Apple-exclusive world.

You should read your own website title before claiming this article should be included on the site. I'm not, nor did the original comment claim you can't criticize Apple. So that's a straw man that exist only in your head.

Of course, you can, and should criticize Apple. This wasn't an article criticizing Apple, it was an article on Android phones. What would make sense is to, after an article criticizing apple, link to an article on Android Central about similar Android phones. Not right up the entire article on a site dedicated to Apple.

There's one reason to write this article, and that's to publicize a sister site. Nothing wrong with that. But just admit that instead of some lame "we can criticize Apple", when that isn't the point at all.

You sound a little upset that a writer for an apple apposed site thinks there are actually better (android) alternatives to this one particular phone.

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I enjoy a well rounded website. I don't want to read the site you're talking about which sounds like a cheerleading site for #everythingapple. no thanks.

I agree with you. I'm sure there is a domain available called imore-cherrleaders.com or maybe maybe imoreRDF.com. RDF = reality distortion field

I am not sure why people's brains are setup or structured to want to hear only things they believe in. Meaning the top political sites deal in spinning everything to the right or left. They make more money and have higher ratings then shows that just give facts. People on these tech sites only want to hear their phone is the best. Don't tell me about the short comings or why this phone or brand isn't a good buy compared to the competition / my enemy. I just don't get it.

I think because most people the world over do not engage in critical thinking, self evaluation, or the scientific process. They aren't prepared to be wrong. And for many people it's like a sport, be it fanboyism for some product, service or platform (iphone, apple, xbox, verizon, etc) or politics. They've already picked the side they want to win and they are just looking for validation. Any thing contrary to that is a threat to their side winning. They don't want to hear it. They just want validation. They aren't looking for critical analysis of a product.

I have the 5S with 64gb of int storage and just bought the iPad mini with 128gb of int storage. I could never even think about any phone without plenty of storage. 8gb is not even worth buying. The rookie who doesn't know any better might think they just got a great deal until they seen the dreaded (no available storage) then they would blame Apple for selling them a piece of junk. Not a way to gain HAPPY customers. IMO being fairly new to IOS selling a great product for a few bucks more keeps the customers always coming back. My first Apple device was the iPhone 5, then 5S along with this great little tablet IPad mini with retina display with 128gb of int storage. Love saying that, don't think there is any other small tablet with this amount of internal storage without sd-card support. Love it. Keep selling great products, don't sell a product that will come back and bite you in the ass, that 8gb iPhone will do just that.

I half agree. I actually don't care that much about storage space on phones (8GB is pretty rough, but I'll bet I could manage without changing my habits too much), but tablet space is crucial. I had a 16GB phone last year and never came close to filling its free space. My 32GB tablet is frequently pushing the limit, though, so I will probably never buy a tablet with less than 64GB of storage again.

That said, an 8GB phone is fine... at a Moto G price point. I can see people who want an iPhone and who are either heavy cloud users or just not heavy phone users liking the idea of a cheap 8GB iPhone, but at this price, I just can't imagine the type of person who'd think it was worth it.

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Fuck hybrids. Apple clearly doesn't support hybrid things since they don't support SD cards. And this is an apple site, so your hybrid comment clearly doesn't bode well here.

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Maybe Apple is considering the new Mophie case with external storage as an option? But in that case, you should just opt for a larger storage iPhone...

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Umm. If you design and make something like a phone and rely on someone to make something to complete your phone you already failed. Also the 16 gb chip vs 8 gb chip in the iPhone is like an $8 to $10 cost difference. Who really cares about you phone experience. Apple isn't showing they do in this example. There showing they rather make money.

I did not criticize the 5c for the price point, but the price point for this 8GB model seems at odds with reality. For people who use smartphones as smartphones, 8GB is far too restrictive. For the flip-phone-or-maybe-a-bit-more crowd, it is far too costly. Perhaps Apple has identified a rich vein of customers who have 400£ to spend on a phone they cannot push, but it seems unlikely.

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Wonder if this is a "loss leader" type strategy to get new users into the iOS based App Store and iTunes ecosystems. Lose money via low volumes on phone sales, but recoup and more via app and media purchases.

How much app and media can you fit into an 8gb(not even) allotment though? Not much...and are "budget friendly" buyers really spending a lot of money on paid apps and content? I would highly doubt it. This just seems like more of a stuck up, over priced apple move.

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iPhone 5C 8gb is not a bargain.
So what??
I could always buy a 5S, a 5C 16gb or a 4S.
What does it have to do with android??


The fact that this phone is not worth buying and you could spend your money better on a NEW phone. Your examples of 5S isn't in the ballpark for someone considering a 8GB phone. Your 4S came was released Oct. 2011. If you aren't biased you would see a phone released in 2011 isn't in the same class as a Moto X or Nexus 5. Price and user experience is what we are talking about. If you can't see that then you aren't being logical.