The Elder Scrolls Online coming to Mac and Windows in April

ZeniMax Online game director Matt Firor has posted an update to the Elder Scrolls Online web site indicating the long-awaited massively multiplayer online game The Elder Scrolls Online will be released on April 4, 2014. It's coming to OS X and Windows first, with console versions to follow in June.

The Elder Scrolls is a series of action-oriented role playing games set in the fantasy realm of Tamriel, populated by humans, elves, orcs and fantastic creatures, magic, sorcery and other tropes of high fantasy games. The series dates back to 1994. It's gotten progressively more ambitious and high-budget, culminating in 2011's launch of Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Online has been in development for several years, but was first announced in spring of 2012. The game is a prequel of sorts, set centuries before the events in past Elder Scrolls games like Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Players join one of three factions which vie for control of the emperor's throne. Multiplayer combat was introduced to the Elder Scrolls games dating back in 1997 with the release of Battlespire, but this is the first proper MMO set in the Elder Scrolls world.

Firor noted that "just about every one" of the four million people who have signed up for the beta will get the chance to play the game at some point prior to launch. Because ZeniMax is expecting worldwide demand for The Elder Scrolls Online to be high, they're staggering the launch, with the Mac and windows version to appear first, on April 4, 2014, then the PS4 and Xbox One version to follow in June.

Peter Cohen

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EauRouge says:

I have been been waiting for this for a long, long, LONG time

Becjr says:

That is a very impressive Beta pool!
... Is this the game that had the "Macho Man" game mod?

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bobbob1016 says:

I hope it lives up to the hype. I mean, setting it in the past could be tricky, there's a ton of lore. I mean, iirc, they may even have to put an Akavari in the Imperial City at some point.

asuperstarr says:

This appears to be exciting game. I wish i played games on the Mac. Thanks for the update.

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zdn1042 says:

I loved Skyrim and have spent quite some time playing it and even then
I believe I'm not even close to completing half of all its content. And that was just for a single player game. Now, imagine adding the MMO element that you'll be playing with other players as well which makes it more fun.
I'm really interested in giving this game a try once it comes out but I'm a little worried that it will just suck me right in again into my MMO semi-obsession. Good thing, I still have 4 months to decide.

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