And Element Case Give Aways #1 and #2 Go To...

First, thanks again to Element Case for the awesome TiPb branded casing nirvana (see Jeremy's review) they provided for us to pass along to you, our readers. Second, thanks very much to everyone who participated in our first 2 (of a total 3 -- 1 more still to come!) Element Case give-away's!

Give away #1 involved heading over to our forums and telling us why YOU needed Element Case-caliber for your iPhone. Many of you shared great, funny, sad, and in some cases inspiring stories. Everyone who shared got an entry, and from all those eligible entries we got our first winner:

Give away #2 was for those of you who joined us in the chat room for iPhone Live! We gave you a secret code word and you emailed it to us. Everyone who emailed the code word got an entry, and from those eligible entries, we got our second winner:

  • Matt Sawyers!

Congrats to both of you! We'll contact you directly to arrange delivery of your custom TiPb Element Case, and everyone else -- keep your eyes peeled because we still have one (1) case left to give away!

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Reader comments

And Element Case Give Aways #1 and #2 Go To...


Wow! I can't believe I won!!!! Trust me, with all the Blu-Rays coming with digital copies, my son is using the iPhone as his own portable theatre!! Thank you so much for this!!!

haha yea. FartOcarina Player! Ehh i wish i wouldve won, but theirs always the roundrobin :). Thanks for the chance to win though. oh yea, SAY PWNSHIZLLE

You guys are seriously excited? These things are god-awful. They are huge! I understand protecting your iPhone to a point, but these are ridiculous. My invisible shield is awesome. If you get this case your better off buying a G1 or something big, because this will take away every sleek, sexy quality that makes the iPhone, the iPhone. And if you drop your phone often then your dumb and don't deserve it. I've had my 3G since launch and haven't dropped it yet. The other thing is, you'll only have this phone for 1.5-3 years anyway, and a little wear and tear adds character and makes your new iPhone 4G look even better when you take it out of the box.

Let me put it this way:
If you get something for free, why complain?
Sorry Steve, no one is as perfect as you are when comes to handling a phone. I think saying people are dumb is going a little far. It may not be that people drop it often it's more like dropping it once that creates the problem or having a "dumb" assistant drop the iPhone out of you coat pocket as she moves it...

I got my case last night and it's not as big as everyone makes it seem. It fits in my pocket without bulging out.
I like the magnetic cover. My only issue is docking, but that comes with any case. Plus, it is GREAT for gaming! Sorry, but my hands would cramp from holding the iPhone sideways and button pressing for an extended period of time. The case makes the iPhone feel more natural in my hands.
Thanks TiPB staff and Element Cases!