Elgato EyeTV Mobile now available for the iPad 2 [video]

Elgato has announced that its EyeTV Mobile DVB-T tuner is now available for the iPad 2. The EyeTV Mobile was announced back in August and is now beginning to ship. The tuner clips into the 30 pin dock connector on the iPad 2 and comes complete with a telescopic aerial. The tuner is a DVB-T freeview tuner which is geared towards the European market.

A portable and easy-to-use device, EyeTV Mobile connects directly to the iPad and does not require an Internet connection. The EyeTV Mobile app, available for free at the App Store, offers a full range of TV viewing features including pause, rewind and record. The integrated EPG lets users view up to 7 days of detailed programme guide information and send recommendations to friends by email. EyeTV Mobile is available immediately at a price of 99.95 Euro.

It is going to be interesting to hear if anyone picks one of these up. Depending on your location, the reception on DVB-T tuners can be very patchy even with a fixed aerial. The telescopic aerial supplied with this accessory will have to be really good to offer a usable experience. Of course you could connect it to a fixed aerial, if you were planning on using your iPad 2 in a fixed position while you watch it.

Source: Elgato



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Silentjosh37 says:

Or you could just buy a slingbox

Aaron Isaacs says:

Or use the EYE TV app and their Mac at home.

Thecuffmaster says:

Or you can just go home and watch tv lol

Guest says:

Really, a pull out antena...

unloack iphone free says:

like :) more informacion is good

Iam Everywear says:

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