Ember digital scrapbooking app coming to iOS

Ember digital scrapbooking app coming to iOS

Realmac Software has announced plans to release an iOS version of Ember, the digital scrapbooking software that replaced Littlesnapper.

Ember debuted for the Mac earlier this year. It's helpful at organizing imagery from your Mac and web sites that might inspire or interest you; you can assemble them into "Collections," apply tags to them and build "Smart Collections" based on that and other metadata. Ember helps you keep track of web sites through subscriptions, incorporates a "Smart Drawing" tool, has extensions for Chrome and Safari, and much more - here's my review of the Mac app.

The new iOS app for iPhone and iPad will sync the contents of its library using iCloud. Realmac plans to release it for free, with additional features being available through in-app purchases over time.

Ember for iOS is coming in December.

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Peter Cohen

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Ember digital scrapbooking app coming to iOS


Now, this is a nice surprise. I don't recall the RealMac devs mentioning this from one of the recent podcast you guys did with them (Iterate 57?). Looking forward to checking out your iOS app review once they release it this December.

BTW, the link for your review for the Mac version isn't working.
(Sorry for the incomplete post. I always hit that darn Submit button by mistake.)

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This is wonderful. I depend on organization in my life. I am also prone to taking many screenshots as visual notes. For my Mac - awesome! I'm not sure how much I'd use an iOS version [yet], but I look forward to finding out.
Thank you for the post, Peter.

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Hmmmm.....I foresee some folks having to up their iCloud storage subscriptions, especially if they are already using iCloud for document storage and/or device backups.

Definitely makes the Mac app more attractive - no doubt it'll be excellent as per usual with Realmac. If I get enough iTunes gift cards for Christmas will certainly be tempted!

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