Eon Altar puts iPad twist on classic social role-playing games

Eon Altar is a really innovative iOS role playing game that was announced on Kickstarter a few weeks back, and we got a chance to play around with it at PAX East 2013. The gist is that one central tablet acts as a board for multiple players to share, while they still manage their characters and actions from their own iOS devices. The main goal here is to bring gamers together in the same room again, cooperating and communally enjoying a classic fantasy adventure.

The RPG elements themselves are very traditional. The story is linear and the characters are relatively static, but this has afforded the Eon Altar the structure to be visually impressive. The game follows the standard RPG progression: kill bad guys, earn experience points, level up, and get new loot. Eventually, The developer hopes to have additional episodes launching after the first, which should be live in eight months or so.

The best part about Eon Altar is that central hub. Not only is it exactly what most pen and paper role-players wish they have when they play, but combat and cinematic sequences are presented in such a great way that everybody involved can enjoy. It's quite a unique experience for both mobile and traditional gaming. Role playing purists will definitely want to check out Eon Altar when it launches later this year. Visit Eon Altar's landing page to keep tabs on the game's progress.

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Eon Altar puts iPad twist on classic social role-playing games


Staying up for 2 days playing in the basement. Im getting the itch again, i thought I'd kicked the habit, this brings back some memories. Thankfully I have a girlfriend now. I wonder if I could get her hooked.

I wish them success. I have to admit that the thought of multiple people touching my computer screen kindof grosses me out. I'll bet they succeed even in spite of people like me...lol!

I've always wonder if you could find enough players that know how to play these games collectively. It sounds cool, but could I find players.

I think it is pretty cool to have many people playing on one screen; however it has a downfall. You cannot bring iPhone players or iPad Minis. They are both too small for more than one person to play. I rather them take some kinda of MMO experience where people can play with each other on their own devices. The only way this will work is on an iPad, unless I'm missing something.

Visit Visit website for more detail on it. From reading the site it sounds like you can use your own phone for your personal stuff and the main tablet is more of the game hoard.