Episode 3 of Jurassic Park: The Game stomps onto iPad 2

The only thing more sweet than a rampaging tyrannosaurus rex is a rampaging tyrannosaurus rex on an iPad 2 - a gift which Telltale has graciously given the world by way of Jurassic Park: The Game, Episode 3. In "The Depths", your group is trying to escape Isla Nublar through a series of maintenance tunnels, while being hounded by a variety of nasty predators. Jurassic Park's security system is completely shut down, so all sorts of dinosaurs are roaming about the island freely. All episodes of the Jurassic Park game are built specifically for the iPad 2, as it makes use of the dual-core processor, and has full AirPlay support if you want to enjoy the action on the big screen.

I've played a couple of Telltale's games on PC, and I'm a big fan of their style, quality, and sense of humour. Obviously this game is going to be a little more dramatic, but it looks like they've done a great job with it. The game is stitched together as a kind of direct-your-own-movie style, where you can jump between scenes, and your actions take place in the midst of 3D cinematic sequences.

You can check out a few snippets of the iPad 2 gameplay after the jump, though it plays more like an Apple ad. The game is available for $6.99 in the App Store at the link below.

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Episode 3 of Jurassic Park: The Game stomps onto iPad 2

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