ETA for iPhone gives you drive times at a glance

ETA for iPhone gives you drive times at a glance

ETA for iPhone gives you an estimate of how long it's going to take you to drive or walk somewhere based on current traffic conditions. While many map apps can give you estimates for a current route, none of them let you save locations as conveniently as ETA does.

For people that live in heavily populated areas, driving somewhere isn't always as easy as it sounds. ETA aims to solve that problem by letting you program in the places you visit most often. Then when you're ready to go somewhere, just launch ETA and see an estimate on how long it'll take you to get there. You can then decide whether or not driving or transit is a better idea. You can also configure ETA for use with Google Maps so not only do you get times for driving, you can hop right into Google Maps for directions.

If you happen to try ETA, let me know in the comments what you think of it? Is it a service that could save you some time on commuting?

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Reader comments

ETA for iPhone gives you drive times at a glance


Just downloaded this app. I really can use a ETA for locations I can get to without using a maps app.
Unfortunately it crashes immediately on tapping on it. I'll try a phone reboot and see it does anything.

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I worked it out. Just deleted and re downloaded with location services on fixed the crash.

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Not really seeing the value in this app. But, I'm sure some some one can use. There are so many resources to get this information. No apple maps integration.

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I bought it. It seems useful if there's a set of frequently traveled locations you want a snapshot of.

However, one big ding against the app is that it can't reference your contacts for locations. For example, I can't type in <John Doe> in the search field for one of my contact names and have it pull up the contact's address. I have to manually type the address out. This is fine if there are a few locations you input in advance, but for something on the fly it is actually quicker to look it up in Apple or Google maps (which can reference your contacts) then to fully type out a contact's address in the ETA app. Without contacts reference, the app's usability is limited.