evad3rs team post 'letter to the community" about evasi0n jailbreak

evad3rs team addresses concerns raised about evasi0n jailbreak

The evad3rs team has posted a "letter to the community" to address many of the concerns raised about the surprising release of their iOS 7 jailbreak. It includes their reasons for the inclusion of the Chinese app store, TaiG, the pirated apps found therein, why they released it when and how they did, and what, if any, financial considerations they had. From evasi0n:

We are deeply troubled by the rumors and speculation surrounding our iOS 7 jailbreak. We would like to present the whole story to you.

We're still advising that you should wait before jailbreaking iOS 7. But, if you're interested in the iOS 7 jailbreak, give it a read and let me know - how, if at all, does the letter influence your opinion of the evasi0n?

Source: evasi0n

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Reader comments

evad3rs team post 'letter to the community" about evasi0n jailbreak


I have no issues with them. They explanation was nice to read. Who can blame them for making some money with it. It is not like they tried selling it to the users. I have already JB my 5S.

I think the JB community needs to show a little more appreciation for what they did. Now let's just get our tweaks and other Cydia apps updated to work with iOS 7 and enjoy the freedom of a jail brake again.

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My only concern is that it was released before 7.1 Do they plan on doing another jailbeak for 7.1?

This jailbreak will supposedly work on through 7.1, unless apple decides to throw a wrench in there plan and block it before the public version of 7.1 is released.

I installed the jailbreak but uninstalled it already, waiting for everything to be updated and will try it out again.

I don't really understand all the technical pieces of this, but its good to see they acknowledged the concerns so quickly.

Evad3rs cooperating with known providers of pirated software is not OK at all. It brings them into the dark side of hacking. Sounds cheezy, but Im serious. When they did the previous one, they got respect and ppl trusted them. But now ppl are in doubt, and eithout trust they are nothing.
There is a possibility for a Chinese version of NSA tap in this JB, so I would stay far away from it.

Yea, I have to agree. I assume Evad3rs does believe that they are in the right, but did they really think their Chinese partners weren't going to have piracy issues? They say they have the right to monetize on their developments, but that's debateable. You're creating software that bypasses the normal functionality of iOS. This is both not sanctioned by Apple and sternly disapproved by them. Jailbreaking will never be a profitable endeavor; neither for the jailbreak developers or the developers if the packages. Going back to the piracy: the money made by the Chinese deal has come directly out of the pockets of AppStore developers, I don't care how you sugar coat it. While they're waiting for the Chinese repo to remove pirated software, AppStore devs are losing their profits; but hey, they developed a jailbreak - so I guess that entitles them to profits, regardless of how tainted.

Because it's *my* iPhone, and if I want Chrome to have access to the nitro engine, or be my default, I should be able to. Or if I want a secondary keyboard, I should be able to. Or if I want to respond to texts from from the notification bar, I should be able to. Or as there isn't really a technical reason my 4S can't do AirDrop, I want to JB to allow it to do that.

Post like these always make me ask the following:

Where were the 'my phone, I should be able to use the keyboard I want" on the blackberry crowd

It isn't like the inability is new or a surprise or new addition/restriction. People with an iOS device capable of running iOS 7, especially those willing/waiting for a jailbreak know this. If they want all those things, I mean REALLY want those things, they should just go android. Plenty of nice Andriod phones. Chance are, those that really want to, aren't on an iPhone.

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Because my backup Z10's keyboard is nice enough for me. I am running a leaked build of the OS though. If there were a jailbreak, I'm sure there'd be tweaks I'd like.

I did WebOS Doctor on my Pre and TouchPad, some background tweaks, and because I wanted it to say "Make it so" instead of "Just Type".

I root my GS4 to get rid of some Samsung garbage, change the size of the icons in my notification bar, and a bunch of other things.

Had the classic BB had a jailbreak, I likely would have done it with my Bold, had I seen a feature I like for it.

I would say that there are enough who like the general iPhone stuff, just minor tweaks. I they may also be stuck in the Apple ecosystem, and have put hundreds of dollars into it already, and don't want to switch. I bought my 4S before I knew AirDrop wouldn't work on it (for no valid given technical reason), got it in May 2012 before the 5. Not sure what other tweaks will come out, but I bet they'll be good. 5 and 6 both took features from jailbreak, 7 did too imho with Control Center vs SBSettings.

But I guess different strokes for different folks.

One word - Pushtone.

As soon as I figured out that you couldn't change the default notification tones in 3rd party iOS apps, I basically turned my 5s into an iPod Touch and went back to an Android phone. I can't handle Google Voice, Google+, and almost every other app on the phone using the same tri-tone.

I think he bigger question is why iMore *still* advises against using this jailbreak method AND what it would take to change their minds. I think that would be a better read and perhaps more responsible than simply poking the comment community for reactions.

As long as Evad3rs approves piracy, imore should not recommend the jailbreak. Jailbreaking is not for allowing piracy, but giving the freedom of choice for the users. If jailbroken devices becomes piracy infested, developers will start to counter this, making apps not able to run on jailbroken devices. This will then lead to a slow and painful death of jailbreaks.

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Forgot to mention the most important: With his release, Apple will work even harder to plug the holes, making it even harder for the next jailbreak.
Just jailbreaking does not bother Apple much, but loosing money will definitively get their attention, especially now they closed the China deal..

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Umm the evad3rs are actually completely against piracy and agreed that they will shut down TaiG if piracy was found. And as of right now, due to those concerns they have remotely shut TaiG down from being installed on iPhones.

They've already pulled TaiD from the Jailbreak, so it's a little disingenuous of you to make that arrogant statement that Evad3rs support piracy.

They knew it before they made the deal, like everybody else should know. A Chinese app store whitout piracy is like the sea without water. They did it just for the money, and did not care about piracy. And with that kind of attitude, I dont trust them, who knows, maybe China put their version of NSA spy tools in the jailbreak. Evad3rs would not care, they got their money.

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And you know what's in their head how? They had a strict contract with them saying TaiD had to pull any pirated content. Saurik warned them TaiD couldn't be trusted but they thought their contract was enough. As soon as they realized TaiD wouldn't follow through with their end of the contract, they pulled it. People need to make money and take risks and once in a while give new markets the benefit of the doubt until they get burned.

it's not how you fall that matters, it's how you get back up.

If that's the case, iMore should say so. Don't you think?

That said, piracy already exists in Cydia. It already has a reputation, deserved or otherwise, for that very thing.

How many times have jailbreakers, who are NOT downloading pirated apps, had to defend their decision to jaikbreak - all because of public perception. Again, that perception isn't completely accurate. But it's also not completely inaccurate.

Now, there may be subtleties to why one jailbreak option is better or worse than another but, again, it would be nice if that case were made by iMore in the same electronic breath that they maintain their position despite the explanation that has been presented.

Maybe that explanation is coming the way that Rene dropped the facts and then Ally followed-up with her editorial, earlier. If so, great. I am simply asking for that explanation.

From iMore.

I installed the jailbreak this morning and phone functions as it did before. Still looks and behaves as 7.0.4. Nothing in cydia loads ie icons show on the screen but nothing happens when you launch them. Performance seems the same very confused

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Yeap... I did the exact same thing you did. As soon as iMore posted that the jailbreak was available my 4s was jailbroken withing the next few minutes. My 4s reacts and performs just as it did before. Now im just waiting on cydia to get a refresh so I can eat all my tweaky goodness up!

It has always been risky to jailbreak, perhaps for different reasons, but there are always risks. It's your phone so I say go for it if you know what you're doing (and are cool with the risks) and have fun.
Personally, I appreciate the PSA "heads up" that iMore has done here. I don't think it's fair to knock iMore for just trying to let people know that there could be additional risks this time out. I won't be jail breaking my 5s, but it's not because of these new risks. It's because I like a stock phone. To each his own I suppose and Merry Christmas.

Sorry it is and was not my intent to knock anyone. I simply was sharing with everyone my experience with this jailbreak. If anything I would think I am knocking the break as nothing is working with it at all. I love Bite SMS and this is why or at least one of the reasons I did it and it doesn't work. So of anything I'm agreeing at this point it's not worth it to do. When I find out how to go back to normal no JB I will be doing it. Thank you and Merry Christmas

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Can't blame the devs for wanting to profit off their jailbreak. But where's the report on how much Cydia is paying them? Supposedly Freeman is upset and was caught unawares. I suppose there's no contract there.

Yea free stuff!!!!! All the people mad are only mad because they are afraid to jailbrake and get free stuff them selfs. Say what you want free is always better.

I had no problems jailbreaking or with the Evasi0n software. I plugged my iPod touch in to my computer, ran the software, opened the app on my iPod (the evasi0n software replaces the WWDC app), then waited for it to reboot. I downloaded iFile and iCleaner Pro and deleted some launch daemons and languages with no problems at all. Most Cydia do work on iOS but are not officially supported. Therefor, you need to use the sinfuliphone repo to download a pirated version of the apps if you wish to use them.

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It was a good read, I will be jailbreaking my 5S, going to give it a week or two but am very excited about it. Being a long time Android hack and still am I never had an iPhone or jailbroke iPhone until this new 5S. Seeing some of the tweaks available I can see why this is a big deal for the iPhone user. I'm going to have to go slow, there seems to be so much involved.

Tried to JB on my iPhone 5 but got stuck on the Apple logo. Had to fully restore my phone. Wasn't happy.