Evasi0n jailbreak nearing completion, still appears on course for Super Bowl Sunday release

Evasi0n jailbreak nearing completion, still appears on course for Super Bowl Sunday releaseWe told you earlier in the week that the new jailbreak would be called Evasi0n and at that time the team behind the jailbreak were still working on the GUI (graphical user interface). The good news is that it is still on target for a Super Bowl Sunday release and the jailbreak has now entered its private beta testing phase and that means it is 80% complete.

The jailbreak progress has been rapid since iOS 6.1 was released; with versions already completed for Windows, Mac ad Linux too. The next step after the private beta testing is what the Evad3r team are calling “extended beta testing”, we assume that will involve rolling the jailbreak out to a select few for final testing.

Although things can change especially if bugs are discovered, it is still looking highly likely that the Evasi0n jailbreak will be made available sometime this Sunday. The jailbreak will require no more than five minutes of your time and will need to be done by tethering your device to a Mac, PC or Linux machine for one time only. Your device will need to be running a minimum of iOS 6.0. The Evasi0n jailbreak will cover all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models capable of running iOS 6.

A word of warning, there are a few fake sites popping up claiming to host the jailbreak or that the jailbreak is already available. None of these sites should be trusted; the only place to find the jailbreak will be Evasi0n.com.

Source: Evasi0n


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nickpthemft says:

So now the question becomes whether I want to give iOS 6.x a try on my 4S. It's a no-brainer for my mini, since it's just a point release.

What's everyone's general experience with 5.1.1 vs. 6.x on the 4S?

djstarion says:

6.1 runs awesome on my 4S

flyingember says:

the improvements in 6.x are better than the vague possibility of there being better things by not doing it.

nmangiafesto86 says:

What are the benefits of jailbreaking...I have never done it before and I don't know if I should. Why do people jailbreak their phones?

Jackson Kivler says:

The benifits are getting to run apps not approved by apple and pushing your iPhone to the limit

Golf4283 says:

basically what I tell people when I'm asked "what's so cool about jailbreaking your phone?" is to think of anything they wish their phone could do that it currently can't (hardware excluded). Chances are someone else had the same idea and released an app for it in Cydia.

Things like IntelliscreenX, Adblocker, Print to PDF, Safari Downloader, iFile, MyWi, My3g. There's way too many tweaks to list here but do some research before you start.

JCRocky5 says:

Bought an iPhone 5 yesterday just for this jailbreak, missed out on the 4S as it wasn't worth it, but got to say not being JB'n isn't that bad :-/ but I do miss bytesms & Auxo.

hsoj1006 says:

I particularly liked the app called iBlacklist. Great way to block phone numbers from calls and texts. Way better than Do Not Disturb that Apple introduced or blocking calls through your provider (which lasts up to 90 days in some cases and you have to red-add them. It really is a fantastic app.

Kla21ax says:

evad3rs set up a "download-blog" how the call it.. to handle the traffic... I dont know if it is a bug or some, but I can download there now www.evasl0n.blogspot.com

SkottM says:

The above comment, and the link posted in it are fake, and should be immediately removed from this discussion in case people are fooled into clicking and downloading whatever spam/virus/malware they'd like you to!

Drsous11 says:

Does anyone know when it's going to be ready? I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to come.... I just keep refreshing the site in hopes for that 85% to change!

Bernd_Benson says:

pod2g announced on his own blog, that we can download now!!! he also posted a screenshot of the program http://goo.gl/Hcz0t ... maybe there cause of traffic problems

markusb7777 says:

Site is a fake, you can tell by the address...Dont pay...Dont download

flyingember says:

hint: if you have to fill out a form with your personal information it's fake

braygor says:

Looks like I'll be taking the laptop to the Super Bowl party so I can grab this if it's ready during the game!

yuri tolsma says:

im in holland and here its 10 min away from monday zoo where is the realese aaarrgghh

flyingember says:

you fell for someone making up a time.

markewallace says:

I guess nobody ever said what time zone. 36 minutes to go here, Central Time. :)

keneo says:

Release time will be 12:00 noon EST

The Progress bar is moving at a steady rate now.
Try this little trick and you will see why tomorrow noon EST is guaranteed to be the release time.

Move you System clock ahead to 12 noon EST/ 9am PST.
Then go to the evasi0n page and refresh.

You heard it here first folks