Evernote adds business card scanning and presentation mode for premium users

Evernote adds business card scanning and presentation mode for premium users

If you're an Evernote premium user, both the iPhone and iPad apps got updated to version 7.2 today. Business card scanning turns your business cards into editable notes while presentation mode turns your notes into presentations anywhere, anytime.

To enter presentation mode in Evernote 7.2, just tap on the more button with any note open and choose presentation. You can then browse your note in a more streamlined interface that you'd expect to find in a slideshow presentation. You can also switch between light and dark themes or AirPlay the content to any capable device.

Business card scanning works by letting you take a photo of any business card. Evernote then converts it into an editable note and can even connect with your LinkedIn address book. If you'd like, you can tell Evernote to email new contacts your information in return with no effort on your part.

I did come across an issue with the business card scanner feature though. I can't seem to get the flash to turn off which puts a heavy glare on cards. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing but it seems it may be something Evernote needs to issue a bug fix for. Anyone else experiencing this issue as well? Let us know in the comments, as well as what you think of the update in general!

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Evernote adds business card scanning and presentation mode for premium users


I experienced the same issue with the flash -- even though there is a prominent 'on/off/auto' button for the flash, it has no effect -- stays activated on my 5S regardless of the setting.

Even worse for me though is that once you modify and accept the contact info, other than the 'Notes' field, you can't edit it -- the phone numbers can be tapped and dialed, but you can't change them, change the name, or add anything other than notes to the contact record. Even worse, it only resides in Evernote. I use Microsoft Exhcange/Outlook -- there's no getting the contact out of Evernote and into Outlook, or even Contacts on my iPhone.

Sounded good, but as with so many aspects of Evenote 7 for iOS, the implementation is a huge disappointment :-(

I'm sure this is going to be a great feature for the premium users. Evernote is my top notes app and one of the top 10 apps if all my apps.

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