Evernote Business Notebook lets you share while keeping your personal notes private

Evernote has introduced a rather interesting new notebook in conjunction with Moleskine. Users can now capture digital images of notes written on custom-made paper notebooks and enjoy a wealth of extra features over your usual text recognition apps. The Evernote app recognizes notes you want to keep for your own personal reference in the cloud, others to share with colleagues, whether you want an item to be prioritized with a reminder, and where to file notes thanks to a selection of smart stickers. As always, text from uploaded notes is fully searchable.

This is a particularly unique intersection for old-school and new-school notetaking, though it’s not the first time Evernote has dipped their toe in this pool. Evernote already has books for sale with plain, lined, and grid paper inside, and already use the smart sticker system. I don’t personally write much of anything with ink anymore, but for those that do, these could be invaluable.

The new Evernote Business Moleskine is going for $32.95, and includes three months of Evernote Premium (normally $5 a month) to get the most out of the extra features. Any takers? Do you still take a lot of notes with a pen?

Source: Evernote

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Reader comments

Evernote Business Notebook lets you share while keeping your personal notes private


Love the Evernote app! While I do love the Evernote branded "stuff" butI find it usually costs a little more than the regular stuff.

The good news is that the app will work with any type of note book or post-it notes. It all depends on how much you want the Evernote app to do (and how much support you need to keep you on track).

With a generic note book, you may not be able to set reminders right from the page, but just being able to take & share clean, high contrast shots of meeting notes is killer.

Hate the Evernote App! I have tried to use it, but it's so butt ugly, and so wants to take over your entire workflow it's just not usable unless you're "all in" with Evernote.

I don't know who designs their UI and especially their icons, but they just need to be fired ASAP. Pale green, literally the least liked by humans colour is their branding? Horrific.

I absolutely love Evernote, but I cannot go back to writing in ink. My handwriting is illegible for a number of reasons and no amount of OCR innovation will ever figure out what I’m writing. I’m perfectly happy typing quickly into Evernote