Evernote opens up two-step verification for all

Earlier this year, Evernote introduced two-step authentication to its wildly popular note taking platform, and now it's available to all users. Initially the added security measure was only available to Evernote Premium and Business subscribers, but over the weekend it was rolled out to everyone else.

Two-step verification is a highly recommended security tool, that beyond your password also requires a unique passcode to be entered before access to your account is allowed. How the code is delivered varies from service to service, including the use of an application or by having a code sent to your phone via text message,

One major difference to the service for free Evernote users is the requirement for an authenticator app on their mobile device, such as the Google Authenticator that can be downloaded free in the App Store. Paid subscribers retain the option to receive the code as a text message to their phone. Setting it up is pretty straightforward, so head on over to the source link below for the full details. Grab the Google Authenticator app from the App Store.

Source: Evernote

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Evernote opens up two-step verification for all

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Glad to see Evernote rolling this out for everyone. However, Authy is much nicer than Google Authenticator.