Everpurse Mini iPhone charging wallet available for pre-order

The Mini by Everpurse is a large sized wallet that includes a built-in, in-line charger for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. Simply pop it up, pop your iPhone in, and you're off an charging. The original Everpurse was much bigger and hid the iPhone charger in a pocket. This one is small and anything but hides the iPhone. Whether that sounds like the best or dumbest idea ever will depend entirely on how you see the convergence of fashion and technology. Everpurse:

Experience up to 48 hours of phone battery life — from zero to 100% three times. Place your iPhone 5 or 5s into Mini's aluminum charging dock, which embeds it safely on the backside of the wallet. Inside the hard shell, Mini keeps your essentials organized.

A stylish combination of design and technology, Mini's clasp doubles as a USB plug, making it easy to charge using any USB outlet.

The Mini by Everpurse comes in gold, black, and teal and available now for pre-order for $149.

So what do you think? Bulky and bad or stylish, convenient, and want?

Via: TechCrunch

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Everpurse Mini iPhone charging wallet available for pre-order


ahhhhh.....really don't know about having your phone right there for all to see like that.... maybe its just my neighborhood, but that's an open invitation for a grab n dash.

Great way to get robbed. With all due respect, this is one of THE dumbest things that I've ever seen. Whomever sat at a desk and said "yeah, this is a fantastic idea! I'll invest!" should be deported to North Korea immediately.

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