Everything Everywhere getting early LTE in the UK, but will they get an LTE iPhone to go with it?

Everything Everywhere getting early LTE in the UK, but will they get an LTE iPhone to go with it?

While the UK is way ahead when it comes to angry chefs yelling at people on TV, so far their LTE deployment has been anything but speedy. However, Everything Everywhere, the company formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, has been granted a license by Ofcom to start deploying LTE on 1800MHz -- this September. If that time frame sounds familiar, it's because it's also the rumored time frame for the iPhone 5 announcement. Coincidental? Maybe, but it would put Everything Everywhere well ahead of rivals O2 and Vodafone, who are still waiting on an oft-delayed spectrum auction before they can even begin their LTE rollouts. Alex Dobie from Android Central reports:

The change to its 1800MHz license puts it at a potential advantage over other UK carriers, which must wait for 800MHz and 2600MHz bands to be auctioned off next year before they can roll out their 4G services. EE is also reportedly in the late stages of talks with rival network Three regarding the sale of some of its 1800MHz spectrum to the fourth-largest network, potentially opening the door for Three to run 4G services on these bands, too.

So maybe, just maybe, folks in the UK won't have to wait until next year to get their hands on an LTE 4G powered iPhone 5. We just remarked on how big a deal LTE would be for Verizon in the US. Could it be just as big a deal for Everything Everywhere in the UK?

If Everything Everywhere gets and LTE iPhone -- and it's still a big, unannounced, if at this point -- would you switch networks for it?

Source: TechRadar via Android Central

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siddo_d says:

Can't wait! I'm on Tmobile but I wonder how much it will be and how much they would offer...

TallPaul86 says:

I was awaiting my Orange contract to expire in March 2013 however if there is a slight possibility of an iPhone 5 LTE for the UK then I'll be getting it!!

Jamess9046 says:

I'm already orange and going to be buying the iPhone 5 sim only, This will be a very welcome addition if the iPhone supports it. How much faster is LTE? I already get 10mbps on Hspa +