Evidence of new Apple TV unearthed in iOS 7

Evidence of new Apple TV unearthed in iOS 7

Rumors of an Apple TV 4 in the works strengthened on Monday following news that a reference to a new Apple TV device appears inside iOS 7. A reference to "AppleTV4,1" appears inside software that drives AirPlay functionality in iOS 7 devices, reports 9to5Mac:

The reference to the next-generation Apple TV 4,1 first appeared in iOS 7.0 in September, but the reference has not been unearthed until now. The sighting of Apple TV 4,1 is confirmation that the new device is in the works. The nomenclature also indicates that the new Apple TV model will remain as part of the Apple TV product family. The jump from 3,2 to 4,1 also confirms that the device will see notable changes in terms of internal components.

The Apple TV references also include second and third-generation models, which are identified as "AppleTV2,1," "AppleTV3,1" and "AppleTV3,2" respectively. All second and third-generation Apple TVs can operate as AirPlay devices.

While 9to5Mac speculates on "notable changes" to internal components in the Apple TV, the "4,1" demarcation is on its own indicative of a major change. The primary difference between second and third-generation Apple TVs, for example, is that the latter is capable of streaming higher-resolution 1080p playback instead of 720p. Third gen Apple TVs sport an upgraded processor under the hood, but remain physically and identical to their second-generation kin and provide the same range of features.

Looking at Apple's past releases, the time is ripe for a new Apple TV. The second-generation model was introduced in 2010. The third-generation model made its debut in March of 2012, and was revised in January of of last year.

I guess we have to wait and see what's coming.

Are you in the market for an Apple TV? Will you replace the Apple TV you already have once a new one is available? Sound off in the comments.

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Evidence of new Apple TV unearthed in iOS 7


It will be interesting to see if the next Apple TV will use the A7 chip or the soon to be A8 chip. I assume the latter for production reasons if it comes out in the fall, if it's this spring I would have to be the A7.

Apple has used early-run next-gen chips in Apple TV before. The first version of the "3rd gen" Apple TV used dual-core A5 chips with one of the cores shut off. These may have been rejects from the iPhone 4S parts pipeline, perhaps because one or both of the cores couldn't run reliably at the clock speed required for the iPhone 4S. So Apple saved then and put them in the 3rd-gen Apple TV. (Later 3rd-gen Apple TVs, the "Rev A" models, used single-core A5 chips, presumably because production quality had improved.)

HEVC (h.265) decoding is pretty much guaranteed. Even if Apple doesn't jump on the 4K bandwagon immediately with it's own iTunes content, HEVC would have a substantive advantages for image quality AND file sizes of 1080p material (once it's re-encoded).

And an aTV with h.265 decoding would enable playback of 4K content from any 3rd party channels like Netflix, who we know will have 4K content ready as soon as this month with HOUSE OF CARDS Season 2.

I've been holding out for a new Apple TV "4" for a whole now. I really hope this new product comes out soon! Anyone have an idea when this could be? Do we have to wait until the fall?

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Me too. Will move my Apple TV 2 to the kids room and the new one will hit the living room

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not really. Playing my own content off a local hard drive without trancoding is most important to me and there are better devices for that. It needs to be able to play more formats. I'm curious to see what google does with it's rumored Nexustv which i'm hoping will be a competitor to roku but right now i'm looking more at wdtv, roku, nexustv over an AppleTV. I'll keep an open mind with appletv but i don't buy content from apple so it's not really aimed at me.

I for one love my Apple TV, if they can bring a full fledged "iPod" on TV mode that wirelessly syncs to the computer to receive the entire library of music that would be great. Also if they add the ios 7 skin to the Apple TV that would be great. Also a great idea would be to let's you control the tv via Siri similarly to the xbox voice mode. Also improving the airplay mode so there is less lag when trying to mirror apps and such. And last but not least bringing an App Store for the Apple TV would allow greater flexibility. Maybe ditching the small remote for something like a little wireless back lighted remote with a trackpad for greater ease of navigation. All these would make one epic upgrade.

"ditching the small remote for something like a little wireless back lighted remote with a trackpad for greater ease of navigation. All these would make one epic upgrade."

This is already possible. It's called the Remote app.

Using a phone as a remote is a horrible idea. When I'm watching a film the lights are out, and when I want to pause I need to be able to grab the remote, then with muscle memory hit the pause button.

Compare that to using a phone, with it's pin code entry, unlocking, app loading, and dazzling LCD screen in a darkened room.

I'll stick to a real remote.

I JUST bought an Apple TV 3.. ugh. Hopefully since they have been trying to push the current Apple TV, that it'll be compatible for any new features they might be rolling out, like an app store or rumored games.

I would just be happy with an update. A nice refresh to the ui maybe. My Apple TV is my most used device other than my iPhone ツ

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i'd be really surprised if there isn't a material ui update. Something similar to the look of ios 7 in terms of fonts. Though, like ios 7, i do wonder how readable the thinner fonts would be especially at a distance. I have crap eyesight too. But i think they'll have an update. But i'm just guessing.

Of course I just bought an Apple TV last month. Oh well. I'll be happy if they are able to push a lot of the new software features to older versions, hardware limitations notwithstanding.

I got my current Apple TV (2nd gen, first black one) the day it was available in October 2010. It has served me extremely well over the past 30 months.

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Having briefly dabbled with using my PS4 as a streaming device I've now gone back to my trusty PS3. The PS4 is a joke for media playback at present, lacking as it does even a basic remote control, DLNA support, and access to all the essential streaming services here in the UK. ATV is of course, also a train wreck here.

My PS3 works fine but it's old and slow, so I'd certainly be in the market for something new. I just really, really hope this new ATV has a full fat app store. The contrast between which streaming services are on iOS (iPad/iPhone) vs iOS (ATV) in the UK is mind boggling. Oh and let's have SIRI doing universal searches too please Apple, and a new UI.

That just shows what idiots Sony are. And look as a gaming device i'd probably get a ps4 over an xbox one and i've had the original playstation but Sony is a company repleat with in fighting and an inability to integrate it's services and products. By every measure Sony should be an apple competitor and but they can never get their crap together. Apple makes computer/mobile hardware, software and sells content through it's store but it's big hurdle is it doesn't make content. Sony on the other hand does damn near everything. They make make computer/mobile hardware, they can license software from windows or google, they make appliance hardware (fridges microwaves etc), Makes tvs already, makes stereo equipment, but they make video game systems, And the big one is they can make their own content. Sony makes tv and movies. Breaking Bad? made by Sony Television. They make music. So they already have the hardware they can intergrate a sales platform on. if they had their stuff together they'd have a digital sales platform for movies and music in their tvs, playstation, appletv like set top boxes, audio recievers, mobile phones. And since they make a ton of media they'd be getting tons of it essentially free. But none of Sony's parts like to work together. Sony Electronics doesn't work with Sony Pictures which doesn't real collaborate with Sony Playstation. But that's Sony.

It depends on what they add new to the Apple TV. If it came with a tv tuner card as has been speculated by some I'd be ALL over it. Otherwise, for now, my smart tv does the trick for most of my needs. I've been on an Apple buying spree the past several months so I'm sure it would fit right in. Just not sure of major benefits over the smart tv right now.

I have my Apple TV 2 for sale right now on eBay. I have been very happy with it but the prices for these on eBay for those wanting to jailbrake there is to much profit to make from selling it.
I will buy the Apple TV 4 with the proceeds and probably have enough to buy a game controller for it also.

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Games, y'all. A faster processor, (graphics chip if they can keep the price point at $99), new software to accommodate an app store. The Bluetooth controller profiles they put in a while back were for this, not iPhones and iPads.

Interestingly some iOS publishers have been updating their older games lately to include controller support, including SEGA (the Sonic games) and SquareEnix (FF3). These games were designed to use a controller, not a touch screen, so their inclusion in an opening wave of ATV games seems pretty likely.

Great, we need a good March event. What should we expect besides a brand new Apple TV ? Because I don't think it will be big enough to steal the whole show. Apple could also use that month to address a few flawed decisions of 2013 and refresh Mac Mini, release an iPod Touch 128GB version and cut the price of the colourful 5th gen model with 5MP camera ($229 or $249 for 16GB). Maybe give us a hint of Mac and OSX future ?
It's good to announce a brand new product earlier than to wait for September/October with everything, people need to adjust, convince themselves, spread the comments (advertise ?) and become accustomed to using it throughout Summer/Fall before they're really psyched for purchase (especially if it's a new category of device). I'm afraid it won't be the iWatch but it would be great to finally get that accessory wristband that will become a must have iOS companion of many users.

Of course March would be a good month to announce a bigger iPad Pro and they wouldn't risk the unnecessary confusion in customers minds that could've taken place if they released it on top of the new Air (Mini vs Air was enough of a competition this season).
If they do that in March then I believe this iPad Pro probably won't be that different, we're just talking about a premium addition to the established line up (not a reinvented tablet) that starts at $699 this time - 11-12" inch display size, 2GB RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, maybe it would have a 12h battery life, at best it would sport SD card port or TouchID but I don't think so (because people could get angry that they just bought the Air or something).
Many would be very eager to buy such a device, especially if it was exclusively released with a superb keyboard cover. Sony knows which way the wind is blowing and this is the future (not traditional notebooks), Apple should offer only an iMac 22", Mac Pro, Macbook Pro 15" with different configuration options (for fans of the classic formula and standard machines) and release more tablets so we would have more choice than only 8" & 10" screen.

Will I replace my current one? Well I have the ATV v2 currently and it is working great. A complete replacement well not really. I will move the currentl on upstair to the TV in our bedroom which is only 1080i (720p) and put an ATV 4 on the 1080p TV that has the current ATV. Honestly I have been making my wife wait for the new one to come out to do this rather than buy an ATV 3.

Well, I knew they'd be having a new one soon but I was tired of waiting to upgrade from my first gen ATV. Got the new one as a Black Friday deal back in Nov and I love it. Just got a new Harmony remote at Costco, need to sit down with it and the ATV and see how well it works.

I just want the thing to load stuff faster. I got a Roku 3 for christmas and it puts my current gen Apple TV to shame in that department. Plus the Roku has a cute remote you can plug headphones into.

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I was going to buy an ATv after christmas but decided to wait. Luckily it is not a necessary device and the price makes it something I can wait to get. I'm excited to see what changes will come.

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