Experience Instagram better than ever with Gramory for iPhone

Experience Instagram better than ever with Gramory for iPhone

The extremely popular social photo sharing service Instagram now has a very serious competitor to it's own app -- it's called Gramory. Gramory offers a superb way to browse through Instagram photos. One of the huge features that is not present in Instagram's official app is the ability to browse by trends.

Gramory has a very nice, multi-panel UI. The left panel is where you'll be able to choose how to filter the photos that you're browsing though. You can look through your own photos or feed, the popular photos, photos that you've liked, or even see what tags are trending and browse through those images. Regardless of which view you choose, you'll see them all presented as thumbnails. This is awesome because it lets you see 20 photos at once on a single page so that you can select which ones you'd like to see larger.

When viewing a photo, you'll see a large version of the photo as well as all the comments that have been made on that photo. If you pull the screen down, you'll see the hidden icons that let you share the photo to Twitter, Facebook, Messages, or Mail. You can also like the photo or leave a comment. If you tap the little thumbnail icon in the upper righthand corner, a left panel will slide out that displays thumbnails of that user's Instagram photos.

Experience Instagram better than ever with Gramory for iPhone

Despite how awesome Gramory is, it's still not a replacement for the official Instagram app. It doesn't allow you to post photos, nor can you see a nice list of recent comments and likes made to your photos.

The Good

  • Multi-plane UI
  • Browse photos by "me", popular, feed, liked, or trends
  • Search users and tags
  • Thumbnail view

The Bad

  • Cannot post photos to Instagram
  • Cannot view a list of recent comments and likes made to your photos

The bottom line

If you're a big Instagram user, you must start using Gramory. It's offers a new and better way to browse photos posted to Instgram.

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Experience Instagram better than ever with Gramory for iPhone


I agree 110% Instagram has to be one of the best apps I have experienced on any mobile platform I have ever used. I just recently switched to IOS from Android and immediately feel in love with it. I love taking photos and being able to share them with my friends and family and this just floored me when I found out about it. Now this :-) this is the icing on the cake.

Welcome HOME!! NYC missed it's best dtoarceor blogger mommy! It looks like you had an amazing trip. I hope you and your family are feeling rested.I could use a little vacation of my own!xxooSally