Faast for iOS gives you one unified social and RSS stream to rule them all

Faast for iOS gives you one unified social and RSS stream to rule them all

Faast for both iPhone and iPad is a new subscription based app that lets you combine your social accounts and news feeds into one easy to access stream. Aside from one unified place to view all things news and social, Faast has some great sharing and discussion features that adds another layer of social networking.

You can either add individual news feeds inside Faast or import existing ones from Dropbox, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, or OPML import. As for social, Faast currently supports importing Facebook and Twitter streams. The developer is also working on bringing Facebook Connect in the near future for easier login options.

There are several things that make Faast stand out over other traditional RSS and news apps. First are the sharing features that come bundled that allow you to easily share and discuss articles with other Faast users as well as sharing to social networks or individual contacts. Read it later support is also built in with the usual suspects including Instapaper and Pocket.

Since Faast is a subscription based service, you can choose to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis inside the app. Faast is free to try and lets you share and receive items with your friends at no cost. To add sources, that's where the subscription tiers come into play. If you happen to try Faast out, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Reader comments

Faast for iOS gives you one unified social and RSS stream to rule them all


I've installed on both iPad and iPhone and can't get anywhere. The server seems to be dying which doesn't bode well for those who paid. I can't sign in on the iPhone and the iPad is freezing when trying to open settings.


Can you try again and let me know, it could be a temporary network glitch. Everything seem fine from here.

Sounds like a great service, I'm not sure is something worth paying. Thanks for the review on this app!

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This sounds really, really cool, but I've yet to find a subscription that I'm willing to tie into. I'll consider this a little more...

Love it. If you don't know why you should get it, you probably don't need it in the first place. But if you do need real time notifications for your RSS feeds and twitter, this app is an absolute must have.

Regarding subscription costs, I don't know a single app that provides this service for free or for a one off fee. In fact, I don't know any app that does what this at all.

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Speaking as an rss user, this app looks really nice and pages load fast, but I can't seem to separate individual feeds which doesn't help me. Will complete the trial but unsure if it has all the functionality I'm looking for.

It is not yet available in the current version, if you want to achieve this you can use bookmarks. When reading a story from a feed, you tap the '...' at the bottom right of the detailed page, then 'same source', then the top right '...' and use 'add bookmark'. Those appears right in your inboxes.

Not convenient, but a better way is coming in the next release.