Dear Facebook -- Please Fix Facebook 3.1.1 for iPhone and Soon


Facebook 3.1 brought the much-in-demand push notification service to the iPhone's most popular social networking app, but no good deed goes unpunished, and along with broken push, it also brought a host of problems. Now, not everyone is having the same problem, but a lot of you have told us about one or more of the following:

  • No push notifications: Seriously. Facebook updates their application to included push notifications and it doesn't work most of the time.
  • No alert sound to push notifications: Is sound turned on? Yes. So where is it?
  • Commenting on photos: If you go to post a comment on a picture one of your friend's posts you are greeted with a nice little "error" on a blank screen.
  • Force closes: Now perhaps this is just a issue I am having but it seems as if the application loves to close on it's own since the last update. Usually this is a sign of poor memory management.

We realize Joe Hewitt leaving left you in the lurch, but come on Facebook, you have Microsoft money and one of the most consistently popular apps in the app store! A 1.0 app from a startup we understand, but 3.1 from the social networking giant? It's never a wise idea to use the general public as your beta testers. If the application is not ready for prime time, don't release a sub-par application. Wait. You'll have more time and we'll get a better app. Now that you've released it, however, we're all stuck, and you need to get it fixed and yesterday.

Did we miss any other major issues going on within this application? Feel free to vent in the comments below!

Now please excuse me while I go dust off Boxcar and put it back into action...

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Reader comments

Dear Facebook -- Please Fix Facebook 3.1.1 for iPhone and Soon


I hate the fact that I have to be logged into my facebook account to keep my sync'd pictures in my contacts. My girlfriend will often use my phone to check her facebook and then I lose all my contact pictures. That's just not right :(

My god. This update has turned my AMAZING facebook experience into complete garbage. I'd prefer to NOT have notifications in order to have this fixed.

I agree with everything stated in this post Jeremy plus the lack of poor memory management is affecting other programs as Beejive has crashed repeatedly ever since I activated the Address Book sync option...I guess it's safe to say I'm deeply disappointed in Facebook 3.1.1

THANK YOU GUYS!!!! Finally someone speaks for us. this is an absolute JOKE that this app is in the horrendously terrible state its in...i use this app TEN FOLD more than any other and for the past 6 days it has been AWFUL. BIG probs to you guys for doing this...lets hope they pull their heads out of their you know whats.

Agreed! Please fix. My battery also seems to have suffered since FB introduced this update. As a test deleted FB and battery life went back to normal. Anyone else had this issue. Horray for Boxcar!

There is a 3 in a red circle on my Facebook icon notifying me that I have 3 unread messages -- but none are unread in my inbox. Tried rebooting, but no dice.

I got push notifications for about a day I
and a half, and now I'm lucky if I can see new posts after I open the app.

Sad that an app like Boxcar (which I love) has a better notification system than a native Facebook app. I also decided to go back to Boxcar and use it with Facebook. All apps that include push notifications should look at Boxcar as an example. Well made app. Facebook... not so much!

I thought 3.1 would allow us to watch FB videos. According to the error message they have "been working very hard on it" for a long time now.
Also, the contact photo mishaps are wreaking havoc with stellar, solid apps like WhatsApp

OMG PLEASE!!! I can't do a damn thing with this app now!! i'm even going to the MOBILE SITE!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! :P

I have lost push notification after two days. It started to go from the start and just stop two days later. The push notification sound is cut off from my mail app with push notification.

My biggest issue: on the Facebook homepage, you can reorder your friend lists. I have one list (mine is called "Good Stuff") which I moved to the top, above the Status Updates and the Live Feed.
In the previous version of the Facebook iPhone app, clicking on "News Feed" would default to whichever Friend List you had first. Now clicking on "News Feed" defaults to the Live Feed, and I have to manually change to "Good Stuff" each time. Definitely a step backward.

It's frozen up on me at least 1x or 2x daily since the update --won't let me go 'Back' from friend's comments page, it just goes black & returns to iPhone home screen. Have to delete & reinstall each time in order to access it fresh.

I get push notifications that I have new comments on threads then when I go to them there's none of the new ones there.
This is when push notifications are working at all.
It also synced my iPhone address book with people I don't know on facebook who shared the same name and often forces the app to shut when I post status updates in landscape.
It's a nightmare!!!!

Yes!! WORTHLESS! I'm glad I'm not the only one.. Can't post anything without it crashing. But I'm sure they'll fix it... Just hurry the F up!

Terrible terrible update.
Another bug is that when trying to upload a screenshot, it shows that you are uploading a black picture instead. This only happens with screenshots for me, all other pictures seem to upload fine.
Another one related to the comments bug - when viewing a picture that has comments, sometimes the little chat bubble that indicates the number of comments/likes is grayed out thus making it impossible to read the comments.
I still can't believe that Facebook released this update.

Anybody else still waiting for a real "Live Feed". I would love to be able to see who comments on what and who became friends with who. To do that now I still need to go to the FB website. That is a feature I lost when I went from 2.0 to 3.0.

I got perfect updates for a few hours, now I either get no push updates or I get them for someone else, however I think this a problem on Apple's side as I get random IM messages sent to me from contacts I don't even know. Also address book sync is good for adding in their Facebook homepage but not a phone number... Come on Facebook how can I waste time socialising when it doesn't work!

I haven't been able to update my status since I took the update. It closes the app every time I try after it appears to try and update my status. It's very annoying. The app is also randomly shutting down whenever it feels like it. I'm very disappointed and even more annoyed. Get it together, FB!

After the 3.1 (and 3.1.1) update, the app no longer respects what order you have put your lists in. It automatically defaults to the live feed...I do not want the live feed, I want to only see updates from those friends that I have placed in a custom list. The old Facebook app respected this order as does their website, but the 3.1.x version of their iPhone app ruins it for me.

Agree 100% with this, I get notifications totally randomly and no sounds.
Although I must add, iTunes and PNS have been running very poorly the last month at least. App updates are still a mess. I no longer get PN updates from CNN, ESPN, TWC, and others seem pretty random. Since installing Windows 7 only one program has crashed (and numerous times) iTunes.

Please stop calling this an update. App stops, status updates slow or doesn't happen. No push. Phone completely shuts down. Re-installed the app just to get the app from stopping the crashing and doing status updates. There is a downgrade.

It would seem Facebook read your blog. Directly after reading this post, notifications started working again for me, sound and all.

The worst thing for me is that contact sync completely corrupts the address book to the point that it then crashes beejive. And "deleting" the synced data doesn't properly clean it up either as one has to manually go and select apparently empty contact pictures to redelete them before beejive will work again.

I never turned Boxcar off. The second I realized there was no sound for the push's I turned off Facebook alerts. And for the contact syncing, I had long ago downloading FriendSync and have stuck with that too. They just released a 2.0 update and it is a great app. So Facebook 3.1 be damned, I'm sticking with Boxcar and FriendSync.

I don't want it to pull down facebook profile pictures for everyone in my contacts that has a facebook account. If I'm not friends with them i don't want their picture and large number of them aren't even right or the same picture appears for everyone from a particular domain. Just sync with my actual friends.

push seems to be working now, with no sound though, no push when someone "likes" something of mine, and no badge for a new private message, assume photo bugs and crashing etc is unchanged

When uploading pictures from the camera roll, it doesn't work. But if you try to upload them from a synced album other than camera roll, it works just fine. But trying to view any comments on that picture will still result in error.

THANK YOU GUYS for pointing this!!!! its been days I was writing every where about it!!!
I cant even upload my status right now! :P
plus some old bugs since the last version:
- notification counter locked always at two (even if u receive more notification)
- inbox multiple contacts message doesnt show every contact (so u need to go on to figure out who are the others)
- crash on liking or commenting some stuff!
Well, at list I discover the names of the engineers that we have to complain with: on the Facebook IPhone pages there are Owen Yamauchi and Chris Pan working (BAD) on this app... I want them spanked if we dont get some fixxx soon! :P

I never left boxcar, because even when push notifications were working, they only told me that someone commented on a post and gave no details and no hint of what had been said. And I said no thank you.

I open facebook, and i can not close it. i can take calls but thats about it ... it takes over my iphone and i have to reboot!
but push works, sporadically and without sound

I do receive both badge and alert notifications, but for someone else's account, in Spanish.
Useless app. I've deleted it from my iPhone and the link from facebook's side.
Facebook is the Microsoft of social networking sites. That's not a compliment.

Did you guy know you can revert back to an older version of the app? iTunes doesn't delete old app versions. Just find the app in iTunes and delete the update.

While you link to your old article, it should have been worth reiterating in this post that Joe Hewitt did not leave Facebook, in the lurch or otherwise; he only left iPhone development because he felt Apple's policies made iPhone development not personally or professionally rewarding for him.
Whether or not one agrees with App Store policies and any benefits it may have, it is an inarguable data point that those same policies led to the departure of a talented developer from one of the most popular apps on the platform.

@Fassy, this is about the Facebook application and not about iPhone development as a whole. Hewitt left and the app fell apart.

I can't believe I upgraded to this horrible horrible horrible new version. What is wrong with these guys at FB??? Does anyone know how can one downgrade?

"Hewitt left and the app fell apart"
All the more reason to mention what he left (iPhone development, not Facebook as you implied in the post) and why he left (dissatisfaction with Apple policies, not mentioned at all in the post). The tone of your post "left you in the lurch" (erroneously, IMHO) casts blame upon Hewitt, without even scratching the surface of the events.
1) Star developer embraces Objective C after playing with iPhone SDK tools and the iPhone platform, which he describes as excellent.
2) Said developer creates one of the most popular applications on the iPhone, while occasionally blogging about problems with App Store policies
3) After several well-received and robust releases, said developer quits iPhone development, and, when asked, cites App Store policies as the sole reason.
4) Said popular app's first release after developer stops iPhone work is buggy, as is an immediate point follow up release.
On this very blog, most posts on App Store policies attract a large slice of comments essentially saying "if a dev doesn't like Apple policies, leave, and good riddance -- the App Store will continue on just fine without you." The Facebook 3.1 saga suggests this may not be true after all.
This chain of events certain suggests that App Store policies were at least one proximate cause of the problems with 3.1, and any story pointing fingers about this release without mentioning these issues is, at best, incomplete.

@fassy, I suggested that point to Jeremy and I stick by it (I might even have suggested "left users in the lurch", don't remember, but I stick by that as well.
Hewitt took his ball and went home, as he's well and entitled to do, but it wasn't the App Store that suffered (they just hit 3 billion downloads), it was Facebook's app and more importantly, the users of it.
Most of that is Facebook's fault for releasing a buggy app after losing their ace developer (where was the QA? Should have been extra special given the change in teams).
Apple also looks to have significantly sped up approvals, one of the main points of Hewitt's contention. Facebook 3.1.1 came up ultra-fast. The irony should not be lost.
Many devs turn out stellar work with the iPhone SDK within the App Store. If the App Store were to blame, all the apps would be disasters. That's certainly not the case.
You're entitled to your opinion, as am I, as is Jeremy, but users are more entitled to great apps from companies the size and scope of Facebook. App Store certainly still has plenty of those. Facebook's is the one derailed.
(And the link to Hewitt contains the story for anyone curious).

Before the update, had 452 contacts. Enabled address book sync, now I have 1376 contacts in my address book with hundreds of duplicates. Seems like every time I open the app it keeps adding contacts. WTF!?

I have had every one of these problems! Random crashing is common. Can we just go back to 3.0? How?

i hope the next update will have calender sync that adds birthdays and events to your iphone calender. my blackberry's facebook app does this and it lets me know all the push notifications

Would love to know exactly how to roll back to the previous version of this app! My battery life sux now!!
Also, has anyone else noticed that all email notification from fb has now stopped? I still had some of the email notifications on, so I wouldn't miss anything, but now I'm not getting any of them!

I'm experiencing a weird issue that syncs my contacts with facebook users that aren't even added as my friend let alone know them. I get ra Dom pictures for a lot I'd people that aren't even them.

Sync contacts? FAIL!! Are you kidding me?
It replaced the real addresses in my phone book with everyone's Facebook Hometown! I want to know where people live now -- not where they grew up!

Agree with all your complaints! Also, now everytime I click on share a status update or I click on Wall or Info, etc while viewing someone's profile it simply SITS there like nothing's happening then seconds later it actually does what it was suppose to do the moment I clicked on the link!

Can you imagine how long it took for me to realize that my beejive crashing was because of Thiago update? And Also, you have to manually remove the buggu pictures. So, if you have 200 contacts you have to go through all of them, one by one!

Couldn't have said it better myself.
The random crashing of the app is a big issue. As stated in other comments, the bad mem management is affecting other apps too. I have several that crash 4-5 times before I can open them.

Memory management - HORRIBLE
This app ruins the Facebook experience. I now check Facebook LESS because of it. I can't have my phone locking up and crashing, and this app is doing that.
Also, as mentioned above - the default to Live Feed every time, rather than the top Friend list is also a terrible update.
Facebook - FIX IT!!!!

Mine is still doing random stuff. I get the gray comment bubble in pictures, and it takes about five minutes to update a status - I hit "share" an it sits there. I also hate the fact that it goes to the live feed instead of my groups. And this just happened last night: I was only getting about one push out of every six or seven notification. So I re-enabled Boxcar and turned off ALL my facebook notifications, and ever since then, I have gotten a push notification EVERY time from facebook!! Now I'm getting double notifications - from FB and Boxcar. Three, if you count the email notifications I also get. It's annoying, but I'm afraid to turn Boxcar back off and go back to no notifications!

Wow, I've never seen someone miss the point as hard as Fassy!
If it ain't broke don't attempt to fix it, if fixing it, don't break other stuff. And if you DO break other stuff, fix IT!
This has NOTHING to do with app store policies lol

I can't believe someone hasn't mentioned this, yet, but there is a grand sense of entitlement on this website seeing that the app is still FREE. I understand it's broken now but cut these guys some slack! Their social networking website is FREE as well as their iPhone app, albeit malfunctioning at the moment, but when it is working, it's head and shoulders above even some of the more expensively priced apps in the App Store. Let's grow up a little more and be thankful for what we are currently able to do now and have on cellphones as well as other areas of our lives.

I am getting pretty tired of the rebutle stating that we shouldnt complain because the app is free. just because the app is free does not mean we should accept the fact its broke and take it in stride. It should work, it should work properly, and it should be updated properly as well.

@Sense of Entitlement, sure it’s free but does that mean they should release something completely broken? Personally I would never release something this poor. Free or not free I have too much pride to dump this poor excuse for an app on the public.
That’s just me though. Just like you have your opinion, I have mine.

The "Chat" feature has never worked properly for me since V3.0. Chat messages get through but recipient can't reply because they always see me as offline in the "Chat". What about you guys?

Uh, yeah...i'm getting OTHER people's push notifications....not even people i'm friends with
half of them are in spanish, half of them are people i've never heard of giving personal information out

I want facebook video seems like they have been working on it for ever
and sync is garbage there should be a option to let us do it manualy and conect our contacts with there pages

I turned off the "sync contact" feature because it crashes my Beejives app and I turned off the push notification because it's to inconsistent and I continued using Boxcar app for my Facebook Push, its much more reliable.. This update is totally useless for me and it's very disappointing that Facebook would release such a sub-par update..

Quoted from Bill - "My biggest issue: on the Facebook homepage, you can reorder your friend lists. I have one list (mine is called “Good Stuff”) which I moved to the top, above the Status Updates and the Live Feed.
In the previous version of the Facebook iPhone app, clicking on “News Feed” would default to whichever Friend List you had first. Now clicking on “News Feed” defaults to the Live Feed, and I have to manually change to “Good Stuff” each time. Definitely a step backward."
God damned right. I loved that the last version did it right. Now this new version pisses in my damned Cheerios. The sync thingy erased all my contacts too. Sad, really.

well...another day has almost passed us and not a damn peep from facebook about when this will be resolved. its getting comical now...this app went from great to absolute crap OVERNIGHT and it appears that its going to be this way for a while. FAIL.

I'm stuck on the notifications page. I open the app and it is on that page. If I press done, force quit. Boom.

Battery life sucks with the update and still no push, had to delete to get my battery life back, this was a horrible update did they even test it first?

i'm having a conversation with someone in their status, and when I try pressing 'Back' the application closes. So now I can't get to the hub to check my mail. Hm.
Also, sometimes I get a 'No posts' message in my feed, but that goes away by itself after a while.

I too am getting notifications for someone else's account. And this is after I turned OFF notifications because it was draining my battery in 4 hours.
It's still draining my battery and it's still giving me notifications for someone else's account!

I turned off the sync for my contacts and it fixed all of the above issues. I can comment and upload photos again. Go to friends, click the sync button in the top right and then disable!

My push works fine, but it's very annoying. If I want to see what's up on facebook, I'll log on. I turned push off. BUT I can't see ANY comments left on my pictures or other's pictures, I just get notified of said comments. Very annoying, angering, stupid. Makes me want to throw things.
Here's to hoping someone fixes this soon before I go back to being a regular person instead of a facebook one!

I agree, thought it was just my phone! I can't update my status at all on FB anymore since the update. Also having the same issues as above. It takes forever to post any comments...Ridiculous!!! updates are suppose to improve function, this is a huge step back.

Here is a totally weird issue: After this update, I let my friend use my iphone to check her facebook. So she logged me out and signed herself in. Then when she was done, I logged myself back in. Ever since then, I get ALL of her notifications "pushed" to me like text messages. It's like having two facebook accounts. I've deleted and re-installed the app, and STILL I get all of her notifications. I've turned off push, and STILL i get them. It's insane. And it's making me crazy to get notifications that complete strangers are having conversations.

I keep getting push alerts from someone who used my facebook app one time and I never get alerts from my own facebook. This is so annoying

Mine also constantly closes and i hate how you dont recieve notifications from chat and my inbox never loads it always says 'error loading this mailbox'

I was really enjoying my freedom to roam using the iPhone and Facebook. However now I can't access some of my Facebook Apps from FBor from Safari. All I get is a blank screen. Frustrating, seeing as though it worked perfectly before the latest update. Is there a way to install the previous version? Can I pay to have it work properly?

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I am spectacularly pissed off about this. Is it possible to re-install the old one??

I found an app that uploads pictures to the new Facebook without actually going into the application, this isn't spam I just want to help u guys since this worked for me. It's called FBUploader ($0.99) and it works so go try it!

I've had battery problems since the introduction of push, problems with viewing photos and comments, and in the past three days comments posted on the wrong threads (!) and crashing every time I try to update status, throwing me out of facebook and sometimes freezing the phone. I can't believe these issues are so bad a month after the update!! Fix please!!!

I live in the Uk and have the same problem however my screen is slightly different. If you could give me your email I could send you screenshots of the process

My latest version closes everytime I upload a picture. As of today the news feed won't load properly. I can see updates if I view friends' pages individually but news feed is broken!!!! I have tried rebooting the phone, log off log on, uninstall reinstall. This is the buggiest update I've ever seen. I was perfectly happy with the previous version.

YES YES YES!!! I have been lost for words at how annoying this is until I read Caro's reply:
Facebook: we are unimpressed with your new tricks, now fixy-fixy-FIX FIX FIX !!!!!

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well i cant upload photos to albums on my ipod and the update stuffd up facebook i am not useing facebook evar agen

Took me two days to find it, but u can upload pictures thru the newsfeed menu. Select photos and go crazy.

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im not sure what fb app i have but on my iphone i get notifications for somebody who isnt even logged in!! (who has logged in previously tho) i checked safari n they werent logged in but i still deleted history then i went to my phone setting deleted cookies history and cache. then i went to the app logged out and deleted it. restarted my phone, an re added the app n same problem. somebody elses fb notifications. very irritating can somebody please help thanks

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my facebook was malfunctioning, cant go into timeline..i dont know why, i just want to know if there's any changes on facebook nowadays..thank you