Facebook app updated so you can set your cover photo on the go!

Facebook app updated so you can set your cover photo on the go!

The Facebook app for iPhone and iPad has been updated to version 5.6 and the major new feature is simple yet convenient -- you can now set cover photos on the go, right from your iOS device. If that's not enough, Facebook has also reduced the amount of taps it takes to start a group message.

To change your cover photo inside the Facebook iOS app, simply touch and hold the existing photo, and a slide-up menu will give you the option to take a new one, or select and existing photo from your Camera Roll.

I tried it out on my account and it worked easily and quickly. If you give it a whirl, let me know how it works for you.

You can grab the Facebook for iPhone and iPad app from the App Store.

Rene Ritchie

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There are 37 comments. Add yours.

wscotchmer says:

I just downloaded a FB app update. I really should check out the ability to change my cover photo since I don't think I ever set one in the first place! Haha.

vintagetonez says:

It doesn't work on the iPad. Gay

Bron Grillo says:

When I tap my cover photo in ipad I get options to make it a profile picture, save it or delete it (which I have just done so now have no cover). Help! Bron

Enzo83 says:

Wow it's about time. How can they not allow it in previous versions is beyond me? That's one of the most useful things to do if you take a picture with your phone and want to immediately add to your cover page. Sigh. But all is better now and I am rather content.

shinuyuki says:

Shouldn't they be focusing on their bugs before implementing new features, or at least bring the bugs to a very low level before new features.

counterculture says:

Although it is easier, I can't help but feel they stole the design a little from Twitter. However, Twitter added their profile cover photo options after Facebook. Hopefully they won't end up being so similar that users can't differentiate them enough to where they MUST choose which one.
Also, as an advertising student, Facebook needs a lot of work in my opinion. It's almost TOO connected to where it is annoying (I.e. telling what apps my friends are using, who liked photos on Instagram, etc.) honestly I find Twitter more appealing and just overall more fun staying connected and "in the know".

mulasien says:

Well that's nice and convenient.

mulasien says:

Well that's nice and convenient.

ridiculocity says:

Good update I guess. Sadly it beaks my flex tweaks to block sponsored ads in timeline. Back to the drawing board.

ernbrdn says:

All I can say is about time!

leocapot says:

Great update. Works great on the iPhone 5.

Electricoptics2 says:

Nice, cover photos are my favorite part of facebook, nice to see them somewhere other than on the computer.

PassOutPete says:

Finally! Out and about and on-the-fly iPhone photos sometimes just feel out of the moment by the time I get home to upload them. Thanks again for the heads up iMore.

draztikrhymez says:

It is in need of some speed enhancements as well

AdrianGabeChen says:

i've been waiting for this feature to come, finally

saichick04 says:

I had no idea twitter had a cover picture as well! Nor do I remember the last time I logged onto twitter from the computer. But this is an article about Facebook not twitter lol. I keep hoping for a better Facebook with each update but honestly I always feel disappointed but hey at least those guys can actually build an app! One day I too will build an app!

chaitanya91845 says:

I had no idea either until I logged in last week and Twitter prompted me to add a cover picture to make my profile look awesome!!


Every time they update the FB app I hope that they fix the current bugs but not this time. My app still crashes. It still takes forever to get my notifications once in the app. I never get notifications unless there's like 4 or 5 then I get a notification and wonder why I never get the first 3. The FB app is the worst.

Cubscout1973 says:

It seems to have sped up my Facebook on iPad as well...welcome update!

wHoKares says:

Cover photo change is specified for iPhone and it works great. Once I read the update was live I installed and changed my cover photo, Would be nice however to see it get implemented on the iPad.

irepairhrvatska says:

What Facebook should do is to make it easier to delete our wrongly typed status or comment easier, who cares about cover photo.

boovish says:

Finally, I keep forgetting that you couldn't on the last version so I would spend like half an hour searching for the option

chaitanya91845 says:

The FB app looks awesome.. Will download it on my Ipad :)

lbaxter says:

Apparently, I don't read the update info in the App Store. My wife and I had no idea what the update did until I read this article. :)

threepio says:

I was trying to change my cover pic on the desktop site but it wasnt going through...went to my Facebook app and changed it in 2 seconds. lol Nice

ame says:

Something else on FB I don't think is worth having...I keep locking it down farther.

rdstryr says:

Worked flawlessly for me.

duoFurious says:

Surprised this didn't come sooner. Much needed in my opinion. Apps need to catch up to web sites.

threedjoev says:

I've been waiting for this!!

Becky Randelin says:

Didin't work for me -- the picture goes dark but no menu comes up... Tried it on both my iPhone & iPad :-(
GOT IT -- it's holding it AFTER the pic goes full screen.... so glad :-)

Rachael Lythe says:

Doesn't work for me on my ipad, I only get the option to change it to my profile pic. Very annoying as I was excited about being able to do this.
I also really wish they would figure The FB app so you can share items to your pages. It should work like it does on the computer! The iPad and iPhone do some aspects of FB better so its frustrating having to navigate all devices to do what you want. Just sayin!

Terrence Chavis says:

Works on the iPhone but it does not work on the iPad. Not cool but I guess I wil take 1 out of 2.

pcxtrader says:

Works from iPhone, not ipad :/

Donna Sampayan says:

Tried the cover page update from my ipad in the FB app did not work! Now I have no cover page! Crap!

NancyMilesWP says:

I am trying that on the iPad but it says all of my camera roll photos are not wide enough. I have cropped several to try to get the correct ration but it still will not allow me to choose the cropped, wide photo.