Facebook for iPhone, iPad about to get mobile ads

Facebook brings ads to the news feed across all mobile apps

If you've been enjoying the blissfully commercial-free experience of Facebook's iPhone and iPad apps, we're sad to inform you that Facebook will be integrating ads into their news feeds effective immediately. What's more, "premium" ads will be displayed on the desktop logout screen as well.

This comes after Facebook recently filed for IPO, and hot on the heels of rival social network, Twitter, announcing plans to integrate promoted tweets into their official iPhone app.

Up until now, Facebook has only pushed ads on the desktop and only below the ticker, on the side of user profiles. They no doubt hope mobile ads in the news feed will increase revenue and profitability. Like Google, they offer a free service to end users, but the price of that free service is advertising, data mining, and marketing. We're not the customers, we're the product. Facebook, like Google, hopes the service they offer is valuable enough that we'll put up with the advertising and keep sharing our data, so they can sell more ads to show us.

It's been an incredibly successful business model for Google, and could prove to be similarly successful for Facebook. However, ads in search may be more tolerable than ads in timelines. Search doesn't feel as personal as our social circles, and ads shown when we're looking for something might feel more helpful than ads shown when we're trying to share with our friends.

How do you feel about ads in your Facebook news feed?

Source: Facebook

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Reader comments

Facebook for iPhone, iPad about to get mobile ads


adblock plus blocks Facebook ads in firefox... Could Firewall iP block them on iPhone?

I think I'm about to use FaceBook much much less. I already don't use the desktop site because it's disgusting, and now they're beginning to ruin my app experience as well. Very disappointing...

The last couple months I've been thinking about ditching Facebook. Might be the right time to do so.

Lol and you are saying the same thing in so many words. Steve Jobs is a smart guy but not the trsmaest in the world, not even close. He is a great talker and is full of hype just like Obama. Every high end Android device is in fact more powerful, featured, and more capable then the iphone 4 therefore Every high end Android device is a better phone. Not opinion, FACT. HAHAHA saying the iphone is better without giving REAL reasons why makes you no better then every other itroll here

I couldn't agree more and I am an itroll! Can't wait to get rid of it and get a decent, reliable phone!

Look how popular timeline has been. They still did it. The iPhone screen is small enough without adds, but FB is free, so it was bound to happen.

Doesn't bother me too much. I derive a lot of value from Facebook's ability to keep me in touch with family spread out across the country, as well as friends from college and high school with whom I'd previously lost contact. I can easily ignore ads.

I too have been thinking about ditching Facebook lately, this was finally enough to make me at least get rid of the iOS app, and will likely be enough to begin pushing me off Facebook to something else.

Meh, the great thing about the internet and social web is that another service with more desirable and fewer undesirable features WILL show up on the scene and knock facebook out sooner or later. It's on us--the 'product' as its put--vote with our clicks. Let them shoot themselves in the foot.

Need a post on how to block Facebook and twitter adds. It is certainly an opportunity for third party apps to step up with ad blocking options.

Maybe when they put in ads, they'll also revamp the app so it doesn't crash every 5 seconds.

This is so stupid. They can't even make their facebook app for iPhone nearly as good as it should be, and now they're gonna put ads in it. We better get some features and bug fixes in return for it. Or else I'm gonna find a new facebook app, if I don't get sick of it and find another one anyway.

Why?I can access the admin area just fine on my iPod aedlary, and when I do so I have access to all the admin functions. I can set up users, write posts edit posts (a function that's conspicuously absent from the app), edit pages that have aedlary been created (I'm told that's not possible on the app), use plugins like the All-In-One SEO plugin, etc.What's the purpose of this app?

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