iPhone Bugs: Facebook status updates not entering live feed, iPhone privacy settings missing

Facebook for iPhone bugs: Status updates not entering live feed, iPhone privacy settings missing

Some Facebook for iPhone users are experiencing two rather annoying bugs -- Facebook does not send their status updates to their friends' live feeds, and Facebook for iPhone seems to be missing from all users' privacy settings. Details after the break!

Facebook for iPhone status update bug

When a use who is experiencing this bug updates their status with the Facebook for iPhone app, the status only appears on their wall and not on their friends' live feeds. Meaning, in order for one of the user's friends to see the status, they must go directly to the user's wall - which most people don't do. An irritating bug to say the least.


  • Facebook's mobile site and touch site work just fine. So you can use them until Facebook fixes this problem.
  • Use a different app to post Facebook status updates

Facebook for iPhone missing privacy settings

The other issue with the Facebook for iPhone app has to do with privacy. When you add an app to your Facebook account, it gets added to the list of apps you use in your privacy settings. It is here that you can see what information any given app has access to, as well as remove any ability that you do not approve of. The problem is that the Facebook for iPhone app is not included in the list. This means that no one knows for certain what permissions Facebook for iPhone has.


  • Stop using Facebook for iPhone (not an acceptable solution, Facebook needs to fix this!)

Are you experiencing either of these bugs? If so, have you discovered any other fixes or workarounds? Are you using the mobile or touch site, or have you installed a different app to post status updates? What are your thoughts on Facebook for iPhone being non-existent in your privacy settings? Sound off below!

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Reader comments

iPhone Bugs: Facebook status updates not entering live feed, iPhone privacy settings missing


Not completely true as to the mobile site because updates using the iPad thru the mobile site are also not working. I believe it is updates posted using the ios devices period, or at least the safari browser and the app

Facebook has been full of bugs for the iPhone for quite some time now and it's rather annoying. I'm getting tired of seeing a notification icon for something old and that's already been checked. The app for iPhone is a joke now. It's terrible. It seems every update it has progressively got worse.

Let's be honest, Facebook don't seem to care too much about the development of the Official app. It has other bugs beyond just these two highlighted. For starters, notifications aren't 100% perfect. I guesstimate on average about 75% of total notifications reach me. I often open the app up and see I have notifications that I wasn't alerted for.
The most annoying bug I have found though, is when you get a notification for say, a comment to one of your photos. When you click on the link to the photo it often takes you to the wrong photo (usually first one in album) or it takes you to the correct photo but the comments do not show up (or the new ones anyway).
Some type of notifications that include links to something, are not clickable. Such as when someone comments on your photo album you cannot go to the album. You cannot see the comments. However manually go to your profile and look for the album in your timeline and you can view the comments.
One feature from Facebook that is sorely missed is the ability to tag people using the @ like you can from the full website. Why do we not have this feature!?
It's got to the point now where I have to head to the Touch site sometimes just to see the comments I can't see through the app. In fact today I downloaded Facely for Facebook (glorified GUI of the Touch site) just for ease of use and access when the official app screws me over.
App needs work. Just wish they would update it more often.

Indeed. It's just plain irritating because some of these bugs have been around for some time. We've had app updates that add features (Places) and fix "bugs" (which ones!? All mine still exist...) but simple issues that many are experiencing, get neglected and seemingly ignored.
Not being able to tag people using @ really irritates me though. It's a feature I use quite a bit on the website.

Just thought of another feature that is missing. The ability to 'Like' other's comments. For example, if someone comments on your status, on the website you can 'Like' their comment. Through the app though, you don't get this option.

Bingo! I was going to post these, but you beat me to it. I'll add to the list though. When scrolling through to the bottom, I click on "Older Posts", which will load, then disappear. If I load them again, they will usually stay. What a pain this app is!

I have a fix for you for not being able to see new comments on photo notifications. When you click the notification and go to the photo you can shake the iPhone to refresh. After a few seconds the new comments should show up.

I have gone through two iPhone 4's and still have the facebook notifications issue. I rarely get notifications and only get some with the badge alert. Has anyone else found a way to fix this? ITS SO FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING!

1) I don't reside in America.
2) It's not freedom of speech, it's an obvious attempt to derail the comments into an iOS vs. Android cesspit.
Unnecessary. Irrelevant. Trolling.

Just like all iPhone users aren't experiencing the bug, neither are all Android users. But I'm fairly certain that there is also a thread by Android users complaining of the same thing.

@chris - there is. I'm running froyo on my Dell Streak and I have the issue using the facebook app. My wife has the iPhone 4 and she doesnt have the issue.

Guess they cannot help themselves. The fact that the issues appear on some Android handsets, and not on others, just highlights why fragmentation is a bad thing.

Those apps are apps for the Facebook platform that you can limit in the privacy settings. The Facebook app for iPhone is not for the Facebook platform, it's an iPhone app. It is giving you access to your account through that app instead of the website so it already has access to all the information you gave Facebook. What would you even want to block from it?
I kind of assume that the iPhone app gets added just so people can see it there.

Other iPhone apps are in the list though (like Boxcar). I don't personally have a reason to block anything from the Facebook for iPhone app, but someone else might.

Didn't know that but it makes sense, boxcar is a third party app. Facebook for iPhone IS Facebook. Maybe to make it easier they should just not show it in your Facebook apps list or something. Or make a new category of mobile services you have active that you can disable. Such that in the case of losing your mobile device you can just login to Facebook and kill that servcie like a remote wipe of sorts.

For all we know, Facebook for iPhone could be third party, as it doesn't seem to be absolutely clear who develops and maintains it.

sorry....meant to say
Aside from asking them, how do you know if your status updates are not reaching your friends live feed?

what about comments on pictures? EVERY SINGLE TIME that I get a comment on a photo, I go to the photo, and the number-comment-blurb-thing is not there.... just a blurb-thing that allows me to add a comment (which I probably won't see, anyway).

Yup, that's the very same bug I mention in my post above too. Highly annoying. I have to go to the Touch website in Safari to view my comments, or use Facely for Facebook app.

Another bug that annoys the hell out of me is when scrolling down through the live feed as you scroll into older posts it keeps jumping back to the start of the feed :(

HATE that this happens to me as well
i thought i was the only one and my phone was acting weird
Facebook seriously need to sort out their sh*t!

facebook's mobile site and touch site don't work for me at all matter of fact i use another app called qstatus

Just because you don't experience it, doesn't mean the problems don't exist. Especially when there is a three page topic on the Android app and it's issues.

The mobile layout is nice. That's about it. I have not had status updates for about a week. Privacy settings are ok so far. You cannot save photos in the iPhone version. Other bugs that have been going on since the app came out.

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I must be the 'single Blackberry user' then. I gave Opera Mini 4 a try and went back to BB Browser after udpgaring my Curve to 4.6. Alas, it's beside the point of this discussion.

Does the 'groups' function work for anyone? It's really annoying when I want to check important groups that I've joined but apparenty 'I'm not a member of any'.

My workaround these bugs is simple. I use Browser 360 from the app store. It opens any website in desktop view, so no bugs like the app.

Does Browser 360 give you everything the desktop version would give? For example, tagging friends in your status?

To be honest, I've closed my Facebook account MANY times since I switched from a BlackBerry to my iPhone (2 & 1/2 years now).
I've never quite grasped why iPhone notifications don't just simply, work. And, let's not talking about trying to read comments on photos! I think Chris_c81 said it best...
I even attempted to use the email notification system, but, well, that's another story...

Most of these bugs I have been experiencing for a long time. I still do not understand how is it possible that on the latest iphone ad they person post status update from the app "In NY" and then it shows in its news feed, Apple again teasing us, if they have the fixed app please update it in the app store!
Anyway, I came to the conclusion that it is better for apple to develop themselves important apps such as facebook. Just like RIM does for its blackberry and it works flawlessly there. The iphone app looks nice but functions poorly

It seems like these always spawn into android vs iPhone arguments. Hopefully these bugs are fixed so iPhone users can use Facebook as intended without having to worry about their privacy or being unable to post statuses without it being hidden from the live feeds of their friends.

I've experienced all of these issues.
As far as not getting status updates and most other issues, I've found that has to either do with my connection or how much RAM is being used at the time. If I free the memory (App store or JB app) or respring, it starts working fine again.
With not seeing your status in the Live Feed, have you guys tried going to the actual site to view if it actually posted? Sometimes it doesn't show up for me on the app, but I do get comments, so obviously people can see it. Try freeing the memory for this issue too.
With not being able to see comments on pictures, a workaround I found was to go through the actual photos part of the app to the picture. It's annoying, but it definitely works.

I've noticed the fb iPhone app has gone down in quality since the original developer handed it over to someone else back when the app store was a pain for developers.

This is it. Is the iPhone app actually maintained and developed by Facebook employees? Or does a third party deal with it?

I'm personally sick and tired of the buggy notifications. They need to realize how many people use it daily and take it more serious and fix these issues.

Absolutely. Notifications have been broken for as long as I can remember. They have never worked 100% correctly.

IPHONE APP ISSUE Another big issue that Facebook needs to update is the Chat. If you open the chat, you can only see the people in your normal Friends section. If you have created friend groups within your friends list, as I did, you can not see anyone on those groups. Like i have a group for Family and Friends and Offline. I place people in the offline section and keep my chat offline to hide from them. The iPhone app only shows friends in the general Friends area.. the ones you havn't moved anywhere.
That bug needs to be fixed.

My biggest problems with Facebook are never being able to uplaod a picture - Connection Error or timed out. Even deleting and reloading Facebook hasn't worked. The other is updates. I don't see things on iPhone App that I do on the computer or iPad. It's a real pain.

I was on my friend's Droid, and you couldn't even like photos. You'd at least hope they'd keep their problems unified.

This is because Facebook is a convoluted mess, both on the iPhone & on the web. The amount of hoops that you have to jump through to do anything is a real drag. Long live Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are two very different types of social networks. There really is no comparison between the two. I use both, equally as they each serve a different purpose.
To me, Twitter is more in comparison to an RSS feed with hints of blogging.

The iPhone App is ridiculous. Notifications don't always come through, often when I do fire it up, I get notifications that pop-up that I have already checked - whether on the app itself or even on the PC, often comments on photos lead to the wrong photo, the account button and the links such as privacy and account settings - one opens in desktop mode - the other in mobile mode - which is stupid.
I have to have mail notifications on just to be alerted of every activity now which means I get notified once by mail and then 80% of the time I get notified 10mins later by Facebook.
Sad times.

Wait, so are you telling me that my friends won't know when I update my status to tell them I'm picking my nose or taking a crap? This is an abomination... I'm e-mailing Steve immediately.

Hi Linda...yes this is the frustrating part. I can actually login to my wifes account from my phone and Status Updates show in News Feed but not my own account!
For me at least, I had Facebook for iPhone on my iTouch 2 years ago and I actually removed all the permissions for the App (when you could still access them) because I did not want the app to have access to my account...while my wife never had FB for iPhone installed. I believe that at least for me, that because I deleted all app properties back then and she never had them that when I access her account it works and mine it does not.

Just adding my 2 cents. Same situation here, no status updates from the iPhone app make it to anyone's news feed. As has been mentioned there is no longer a Facebook for iPhone in my Application Settings page. The only indication that the app is on my Facebook account is when I go to the Facebook for iPhone App page and at the bottom of the left column it says "Remove App". Which I have done and redone along with every other trick I can find online and nothing works. What is frustrating is that this problem has been going on for 5 months and there has been at least two app updates for iPhone. Neither one seemed to fix much of anything. I've reported the app several times in the help section but I'm only user 356,873,217 so its going to be awhile before they call my number. In the mean time I'm stuck with using the web app, which is ok but lacking in features.

i have this problem with status's to on my iphone. i downloaded an app called facely and now my status's appear on my friends wall's. im just waiting till my friends with iphones gets facely so i can see theirs.

lavkaava on June 8, 2008 lol this looks like a lexus from 2001. i wonder why USA always accused japanese of copying and now americans are blatant copying japanese designs from aesthetics to technology hypocrites

I am experiencing this - and its enough to make me stop using facebook. The only updates I get in news feed are the equivalent to spam

notice how the facebook iphone app has 1.5 stars after 192 ratings - pathetic. This coupled with them not releasing an Ipda app for over a year and counting just proves how far behind the curve they are.

i have prob with my Facebook apps on my iPhone, when i use the Facebook apps and update my status or write anything on my friends wall it not appear 'via iphone' but as 'via facebook mobile'... please help me.. thank you..

I was just lkoion for an RW ap the other day.Ironice to be readin this. Yeah an iLoop ap of some sort would def be the business.Thanks guys for the efforts. Those aps are pretty handy.

Are they gonna fix that problem with updating Facebook via Iphone? Everything says Via facebook mobile now.

My exprience was great untill i did the update. Now everything goes to live feed and not my wall. My live feed does not go pass a week. Example if some wrote on my wall 3 weeks ago i cant see it, i cant see pictures unless i select photos only etc. Its driving me crazy!!! If i go to profile i can only see things i posted when i first installed fb months ago.

It seems i had the problem also with my iPhone 4 now. Weird thing is that this didn't happend on my previous iPhone ,i'm not sure what version of facebook application was. Well i hope there's big sulution to fix this perhaps on their future version will

ya it doesn't say via iphone instead it sez via mobile..i had prob wid my bf coz he taught i'm using another mobile that i'm not telling him..then i told him i think there's some prob wid fb..hope they'd fix it soon..

when i use the Facebook apps and update my status or write anything on my friends wall it not appear 'via iphone' but as 'via mobile'... unlike BlackBerry App.

pls wats d solution for missing 'via facebook for iphone' when i update my status???? pls somepone helpppppppp

Same for me, all was uploading fine to Facebook wall / newsfeed - but now after most recent update they show on my iphone, but not when I'm logged in via my iMac or any other source.

You can’t see relationship changes on iOS app, let’s say I comment on a relationship breaking up, I’ll get a notification that someone else commented after me, if I tap that notification I get linked to a ‘content doesn’t exist’ page.

Sometimes, the facebook icon on my phone will show a numeral, 1 or 2 for example. What does that indicate?

When I post a status or pictures from my Iphone, I cannot see on the news feed, only on my wall. Also, Facebook will not update on my Iphone...stays in the "Updating" mode.

I have a problem with my Facebook app as well! When i update my status i see "via mobile" not via iPhone! can someone help?

whn is post a status update it doent even say via mobile..how to fix this..plz help! i want it to say via iphone or via mobile!

I cannot see my wall on facebook app for iphone. anyone have any recent info on this. my friends also tell me that they see my profile blank when they view me via iphone facebook app

I just bought an iPhone 4 and installed FB and I am not getting status update option like I got from my iPhone 3. I play one fb game from my PC and I don't want or need the game feed showing on my iPhone. It takes over status updates feed. I want my status update option back!!! Waa!!!

Great Read I think the key here is cietossnncy..if you write for a blog network, you have to do what you say you can do you have to have a steady work schedule.

i have an iPhone too but everytime i post on the status using iPhone it says via mobile. They should not touch anything unless it is broken. very frustrating.
i hope someday people will leave facebook just like freindster.

This is a great start! My only gripe is that you cnnoat view or access more than the first 25 items in the directory you selected. You guys are doing a great job so far. I love my Pogoplug!

I am experiencing all of the above with my new iPhone. I have read all of this and forgive me if I missed this one- but is anyone having an issue with "seeing" photos? Mine seem to come up black or grey ( mine and freinds)Even when I refresh the page. So annoying. Like I said I have most of the issues above too. I also can sometimes see comments on photos and sometimes can't:(. Facebook always seems to be in "loading" mode... All the time . Grrr

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