Facebook Camera for iPhone adds notifications and other improvements

Following the Facebook app's recent update to 5.0 with major speed improvements, the Facebook Camera for iPhone app has also received a significant amount of features to it's recent update. These features include notifications, better photo management, likes, and comments, and other UI improvements.

The types of notifications supported by Facebook Camera or those for tags, likes, and comments on photos. To view the notifications, simply tap on the News tab to see a list.

In addition to notifications, Facebook Camera now lets you create new albums or add photos to any pre-existing album. You can also add likes and comments on posts that feature more than one photo and "like" individual comments. If a photo features a long caption, you can now scroll through it when viewing the photo in fullscreen. Lastly, names and profile pictures for everyone who liked a photo can be viewed.

None of these new features are groundbreaking, but they certainly address many of the complaints users had about the Facebook Camera app. It's great to see Facebook investing resources in improving the user experience of their iPhone and iPad apps.

What do you think of the update? Now that you can view notifications, add photos to specific albums, and like comments, do you think you'll use Facebook Camera more often?

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Reader comments

Facebook Camera for iPhone adds notifications and other improvements


I believe Facebook camera was a joke that will never catch on.
Facebook bought instagram just so they could create an app just like instagram and copy all of their filters and just renaming them.
And they think that's going to catch on? No... Sometimes they should just stick to innovating instead of buying out companies like googles does.

You should be aware that buying out other companies is a very common practice. This is how you legally acquire another company's patent portfolios. That's unless your company is based in South Korea.....sorry, I couldn't help myself.