Yes, Facebook was down, you're not alone

Facebook. Down. Don't. Panic.

Update: It appears that access to Facebook is back up for both the web and the iPhone and iPad apps. You are now free to carry on with your day.

It appears that Facebook's newest feature is "being offline". Attempts to visit the social network right now are being thwarted by a lack of stuff to load, from a "network error" alert with no new content in the iPhone and iPad apps to a failure to an apology of "Sorry, something went wrong" in browsers. Let us know, is Facebook down for you too?

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Reader comments

Yes, Facebook was down, you're not alone


Not completely down in Vietnam, but it was extremely slow. I even checked the local news because I thought maybe some Chinese vessels cut our undersea cables again.

Not completely down, but extremely show and occasionally I have to reload (from Browser).

I'm in Denmark by the way.

Im in Los Angeles! Current time is 9:15! THERE ARE MILITARY PLANES FLYING OVER THE CITY OF LA, PARA TROOPERS ARE DROPPING! HOUSES ARE BEING BOOMBED!, I Dont know if ill have internet for what i can tell from my family in seatle they are also being hit hard.
Im just fucking around, yeah i dont have FB either..

I literally... just got reminded that those things existed.. And now that i think about it... The 90's twenty years ago. Damn. Just damn. How time fucking flys...

What do we do with ourselves? lol Here is the newest news story. "Millions of FB users sat in front of their computers waiting for FB to come back online. They sat there for days."

What? Facebook down! Never missed it. Verizon FiOS servers were down from about 2am to shortly before 6am and I really was pissed about that being down. Ended up using the hotspot on the phone to get work done. A real PITA to configure the wifi settings for the printer and PC and Mac and then change them back on the printer again when service resumed!