Facebook Home Launch Day commercial

Facebook's latest Facebook Home commercial, Launch Day, shows CEO Mark Zuckerboard addressing the team while one of the members screws around on -- you guessed it -- Facebook Home. As the zero-concentration span dude zips around his Facebook Home, what he sees gets made manifest, be it lawn cart or flood. And... it still seems more than slightly onanistic. It shows off Home for Home's sake, not for users sake.

Once again, we're shown beautiful people and gorgeous photography, and a way to keep up with everyone else's stuff but our own. While a big step up from the previous commercial, which featured half-naked people getting shut into overhead compartments on a plane, It still doesn't sell me.

How does Home make my phone better, rather than just make me a better trapped user of Facebook? Show me that. Give me that. Prove me that. And I'll get more excited. Right now it increasingly feels all about Facebook, and my phone should be all about me.

Apple's app-centric approach might be outdated, but it's not misdirected. Facebook Home is more a sideways, maybe diagonal step, not a forward one. Either way, it's not what needs to be next. I'm pretty much convinced that's still up for grabs. Actionable notifications feel like a step in the right direction. BlackBerry peak and flow another. What I want, where I want, when I want, a goal still left to be achieved.

I am excited all these ideas are being tested, however, because experimentation in the present is the fastest way to get results in the future.

For more on Facebook Home, check out Android Central ongoing coverage, and let me know your thoughts.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Facebook Home Launch Day commercial


Wow even his employees don't like having to listen to him. Also, giving fuel to employers to demand Home not be on work phones as it will serve as too great a distraction as well as a security risk.

"onanistic"?! C'mon, Rene, I really enjoy your editorials (including this one), but that was a bit much. It's a bit ironic that, while you astutely demonstrate the ad's self-focus vs. advantages to the user, you simultaneously show off your ability to use a thesaurus.

Nice review rene, and by the way, facebook home seems to be really nice, but i think they should also make the facebook better not only for android, but also for ios and windows, i mean sometimes fb app lags and have a few bugs

Boy does this commercial really hit the head on the biggest issue with people playing with FB and their phone. They Che k out on the real world to play in the virtual. Dear America, but the damn phone down when in public!

I couldn't agree more I hope Apple never allows this to be an option. My main thing would be ads on my lock screen. Nooooooooo

Mommy, Mommy, I want Facebook Home phone/on my phone.........why? Because it's Facebook. Huh? Because I can double-tap on a picture and a cool thumbs up pops up. Whaaaaaa? Pretty much.