Facebook integration announced for iOS 6

As expected, Facebook integration with iOS 6 was announced at WWDC today.

It will include the ability to log-in through the settings menu, share to Facebook through apps like Safari, Maps, iTunes, Game Center, and lots of other native applications.

Facebook will also be in the Notification Center so you can launch into a status update right from there. The App Store is now peppered with Like buttons. Contact list and calendar integration is a no-brainer, which will also be available on the Mac. Finally, there will be an API available for developers that want to get in on the fun.

More to come! Keep watching our liveblog!

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Reader comments

Facebook integration announced for iOS 6


I know some folks will be excited about this, however, like the Twitter integration before it I won't be using it. I like using facebook and twitter, but I don't need or want it intertwined into everything.

yeah i agree. not exactly the things i think about as i'm using my phone. That is i've never been in a spot and been like, "i so need twitter integrated here." But i don't use twitter or facebook a ton. i just started with twitter.
seems to me Apple is going after only low hanging fruit. Maybe i'm missing something but what i've heard so far doesn't seem worthy of a number upgrades. feel like ios 5.5.5. or something.

update: i'm looking at the feed and see something that looks like a navigation program. well if that's true i think that's more of the sort of things i was hoping to see in an ios update. wish they'd added better multitasking too but it's something.

oh and with siri integration. That's more like it. siri and navigation is a specific thing i was hoping for so that's good addition.

Where Facebook integration will be nice, for me, is since you can share from iTunes I am also hoping you can share/post from Music. There no real good apps to share/post what u are listening to. I hope we can now.

This is awesome. I have been waiting for something like this. I never use twitter, and the Facebook app I have now sucks.

I love how 90% of this "revolutionary" update is bringing features to the iPhone that have been with Android for quite some time now...
C'mon Apple. Pick up the pace....

Oh great! Another Android fan hanging out in an Apple forum. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know. Who cares? You like your phone. Great. So what? None of it matters.

as long as integrating it into iOS means it works better than facebook's OWN apps.. then hooray!
otherwise, meh