Facebook for iOS hits 8.0, brings speed and reliability improvements, updated design for iPad

Facebook for iOS hits 8.0, brings speed and reliability improvements, updated design for iPad Seems the developers at Facebook working on Facebook for iOS have been rather busy as of late. Just last month they released v7.0 that contained a few bug fixes but this time around they've jumped all the way to v8.0 that actually brings some notable changes for folks who like to share photos from albums in addition to an updated design for iPad users according to the change log that accompanied the update.

  • A simple way to see and choose a photo album's audience
  • An updated design that makes it easier to post and share on iPad
  • Improvements for reliability and speed

Looking through the history of the updates, it's a bit of an odd occurrence that they went from v7.0 directly to v8.0 but as long as the app really is improved, we're not going to make too much of it. Have you grabbed the update yet? If so, let us know how it's working for you.

Chris Parsons

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Volcom45 says:

I just want more than anything for Facebook for iPhone to allow it to remember the damn "Most recent posts" setting every time I launch. Facebook for iPad does that just fine, but the iPhone version never saves the setting. They don't even have Most Recent feed on their Paper app. It's beyond annoying, who wants to see 22 hour old posts at the top of their feed? Unreal they don't give us a choice.. if anyone knows a way around this for iPhone, please enlighten me!

ejraney says:

I stopped using Facebook Paper for the lack of Most Recent.

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SmartFah says:

Once I started using Paper, I deleted the old FB app. Doubt I'll go back.

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Antrikshy says:

This post is about Facebook's iPad version. Paper is iPhone-only...

WPSteve says:

I just wish I could see comment reply comments...

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Danisu says:

I wish we are able to reply to specific comments, aimed directly to a specific person instead of "everyone"...
And also turn off notifications from picture-posts instead of having to unlike/uncomment it...

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bilarichfield says:

Facebook app still loads dreadfully SLOW on the iPhone 4; Paper is slow as well, but much faster than the Facebook app. I'll stick with Paper...at least until I get the iPhone 6 or Air or whatever they'll call it...

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BKreativeMedia says:

Agreed with Paper. Haven't looked back since I downloaded it..