Want to see the Facebook's beta icon? Check out the latest update!

Want to see the Facebook's beta icon? Check out the latest update!

Facebook for iPhone and iPad has updated with a new photo viewer button that lets you save, share, or set the photo as your profile pictures. Editing a place you're checking into on the iPhone has also been improved, and Events should load faster, now. But that's not the most interesting thing about this update...

The most interesting thing about this update, to me, is actually the fact that Facebook has once again let the beta version of one of their icons slip out to the general public. Just like with Facebook Messenger back in March they likely forgot to swap in the release icon before uploading the final build to the App Store.

While some people complained about the beta icon being ugly (on Twitter, ironically) immediately after it was released, I'll admit… I kind of like it! I'm not a fan of the border, but I think the blueprint looks is neat. Call me crazy.

What do you think? Do you wish the beta version was the official icon for the iPhone and iPad app?

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Want to see the Facebook's beta icon? Check out the latest update!


I liked the blueprint bit, but not the silver border. They have released the Messenger app with a blueprint logo before and it looked really cool (didn't have the border).

They've done this before. Each time I was disappointed that they changed it back to the standard icon. I like the beta icon (including the border).

If I was a betting man I'd bet that's a new Facebook icon that was suppose to debut at WWDC to show off Jony Ives UI changes. I predict borders on all icons with a focus on deep rich textures.

Yeah, that's what crossed my mind too while I read this; prob a little leak regarding the rumored 'flattened' icon set

Ok. I'm kinda surprised people are going on about the icon instead of the app changes.

Me? I've either missed out on some obvious feature of the iPad app or there was a glaring omission in the previous releases. Any time I had a picture that I wanted to use as a cover photo, I had to access and upload it via my iPhone app. I could not use any photos on my iPad as cover photos because that version of the app did not give me that option in any way I could find.

Additionally, I really hope they made sure that the apps were a bit more stable and reliable.

The "new" icon has been used on Android for a long time already so i don't understand why its being reported here as a "beta". I prefer the previous iOS one though.

Of People's want te otter icon, if in correct You can Add a custom icon through iTunes. In the app list select info once a app is selected and you can change the icon in the last tab. Same as with adding a cover for a mp3. Never tried this so I'm not sure it really works :)

Isn't the "photo viewer button" the same thing as holding your finger down on the picture you are viewing, or is there something I'm missing?
From what I remember you have been able to hold your finger down on the screen while looking at the picture and the same options would come up.