Facebook for iPhone gets Timeline support, more

Facebook for iPhone gets Timeline support, more

Facebook has updated their iPhone app to version 4.1, bringing Timeline to the mobile app as well as access to friends lists and subscriptions. Here's the full update log:

  • Access to Mobile Timeline on iPhone (if you already have Timeline). iPad support coming soon.
  • Access to friend lists, subscribers and subscriptions.
  • Faster, better performance.
  • Photos are easier to view, upload and comment on.

We're hoping these performance updates actually do what they suggest. I've run into so much frustration lately when using the Facebook for iPhone app that's it's essentially become unusable in some scenarios. Instead, I've opted to just use the mobile version in Safari.

You can grab the update now from the App Store or via iTunes app updates.

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Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

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Reader comments

Facebook for iPhone gets Timeline support, more


And now I'm gonna stay on 4.0.3 until they quit dicking around with things. Not a fan of the "popover" windows for notifications, etc. and they removed newsfeed filters again :( Interestingly they also removed the "jiggle" animation when going to the same part over again. Looks like I'm gonna be stuck with a 1 on the App Store again... Too bad, it used to be great.

Why does facebook now say "via facebook mobile" instead of "via iPhone"? Any information !!

It's been that way since they added the mobile site backend for the newsfeed. Now there's no way for it to differentiate between the app and mobile site... I like it better before when the app used specific iOS elements and shadows with filters as opposed to how it is now.

When you check notifcations or any of the top three icons, it's now more like the web-version on the iPhone, which is better.
It seems a couple of seconds faster now, but it just might be a good day on 3g.

It's only for certain people so far, it hasn't completely rolled out to everyone yet. I think you have to have had it on the desktop site for it to show up on mobile, but I'm not sure.

You do have to have it on desktop for it to work on mobile, but it's available for everyone now. You turn it on and have a week to play with it before it goes live. It will go live for everyone that hasn't turned it on yet in early January.

I won't be using Timeline on computer or my iPhone. I have no use for it. Not nostalgic and have no interest in having everything I've ever don on Facebook be displayed on one page. No thanks. I'll pass. The only reason I even use Facebook is because I've connected it to logins on accounts of websites I need to use. Other than that, I use Google Plus much more than Facebook.

The finally fixed the Japanese keyboard bug which has been broken since iOS5 released!!! When you were typing a reply to a comment you couldn't see what you typing. When posting a status update, picture, etc. you couldn't click on the friend, location, and privacy buttons. I'm now happy with the app again. I can image all the Japanese facebook users are too.

i had a hardtime finding it, and only way was did a search for timeline on facebook website as a friend, watched the video and than it gave me a link.

Most people ive talked to about it didnt even know there was a new timeline feature on facebook. I found it by searching google. lol Maybe they should provide a link on facebook that is easy to see.

Hey man! Very good review! Hope for more stuff like this. And yes i did saved mselyf with doing a subscribe so i can find out when yo come up with updates Could i ask.. Can you please make a ruomor video of ipad 2? !-z5i