Facebook Messenger gets improved photo and video sharing

Facebook Messenger for iPhone

Facebook Messenger for iOS has been updated to version 5.0, adding several enhancements, including sending video, faster picture messaging, and more. The update also contains a number of fixes to photos and groups, among other areas.

The design of the app has been streamlined to let you access and share photos more easily. You can also choose to take photos and send them from within Messenger, without needing to leave your current message. You can now also send videos from your camera roll over Messenger.

There are other, smaller improvements in Messenger 5.0. You can now get new stickers more easily. When someone sends you a sticker that you don't have, you ca tap and hold to download that sticker and its corresponding pack. Searching for people and groups has also been sped up.

You can download Facebook Messenger 5.0 from the App Store now.

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Reader comments

Facebook Messenger gets improved photo and video sharing


It's still Facebook. No way in hell I'm going to make it easier for that nosy peeping tom to peek at my personal communication.

Improvements are always great news. I use messenger to talk to a few people, although I rarely actually use Facebook itself. Thanks for the update!

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