Facebook Messenger update adds cute stickers and brings back swipe to delete

Facebook has pushed out an update to their Messenger application for iPhone and iPod Touch that adds some new cuteness and brings back functionality that once was lost.

The latest version of Messenger has the popular -- and sometimes very cute looking -- stickers included, just as they are in the main Facebook application. Facebook does say, though, that the stickers will be available to everyone over the next few weeks. So, if you don't see them just yet, there's no need to panic.

Also included in this update is the re-appearance of the popular, and incredibly useful, swipe-to-delete feature. This is back 'by popular request' and rightly so. Most would question why something such as this would be taken away in the first place.

The update is live now in the App Store, so go grab it and start sending all your friends those adorable little kitty stickers!

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Facebook Messenger update adds cute stickers and brings back swipe to delete

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I can't see the point in the separate app anymore. Deleted it recently. This doesn't make me want to reinstall it to be honest!