Facebook Paper gets updated, adds birthdays and events, photo comments, and more!

Facebook Paper

Facebook Paper —the "Flipboard" way to view your Facebook feed — was updated today with a slew of new features. The app still curates and aggregates stories from your feed, but now things are down with a bit more style and flair.

The new features, as listed in iTunes:

  • Birthdays and events: Never miss a chance to celebrate! Just tap the notifications globe and scroll down to see important dates ahead.
  • Photo comments: When words aren’t enough, now you can add photos to comments to show how you feel.
  • Group updates: Don’t miss posts from your favorite groups. Swipe down to open the Main Menu. Tap the More Options icon to the right of the Search box. When you see your groups, check the new unread counts to catch up on the posts you've missed.
  • New story buttons: To keep up with the latest stories in a section in fullscreen view, or to catch the newest stories in the next section, tap the new story arrows when they appear.
  • More article covers: 9 new article covers join our collection, making easier to spot your favorite sources on Paper. Keep an eye out for Fox News, Bloomberg News, Mashable, FT, kottke, Popular Science, The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair and Hacker News.
  • Basic accessibility: All of your sections now support basic accessibility features, and we’re working to extend accessibility throughout the app.

If you've already installed Facebook Paper, you'll find your update ready and waiting in the App Store. If you want to give it a shot for the first time, hit the link below to get started.

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Reader comments

Facebook Paper gets updated, adds birthdays and events, photo comments, and more!


Facebook needs to move faster on making Paper available outside of the US. If I am going to be a true mobile tech fan, I may to consider moving.

P.S. If editors from Mobile Nations are going to write articles on varying platform sites, I will frequent them even more. Great job. Try to get together on the podcasts more often too.

I'd really like to see this available outside of the US, as well as an iPad version. I downloaded it after changing to the US store. I'm using it in Europe and my posts don't show up. That said it's my default FaceBook app for viewing other posts. It would be great on the iPad.

Sent from the iMore App

Yes, not quite sure what happened with Paper, but Facebook Inc. really needs to read the comments here and many I've posted elsewhere and do a better "grand opening" event for this app.

It is far superior to the regular "Facebook" app.

And please, don't compare this to Flipboard. Flipboard does not include your Facebook news feed, friend requests, or messaging.

Just saying.