So will you be using Facebook Places?

Facebook 3.2 brings Places to iPhone

Facebook has launched their own location-based check-in service called Places, and updated their iPhone app to support it, but will you be using it?

Some people maintain sharing your life, and your location, allows for "serendipitous" discovery -- people who you may never otherwise know or meet see you're nearby and take the opportunity to say hello. Others think it's pretty much a gateway to everything from embarrassment to stalking.

What makes Facebook a little different is that even your friends can check you into Places, unless you turn them down or turn it off.

Who are you comfortable sharing your Places/location with? No one? Just friends? Friends of friends? Everyone?

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Matt says:

Well there are serious issues with Facebook 3.2 for iPhone. Just go read the app ratings. Can't login or do anything at all. So no, I won't be using Places. And even if the app did work, I planned on disabling access to location information for the Facebook app because of the new feature.

cardfan says:

Btw..BiteSMS i'd rather have. So downgraded facebook.

Glenn#IM says:

Just friends. Never friends of friends.

jakej914 says:

I'm still curious to see exactly how everything's going to work. Esp. privacy settings. Like if I decide I only want to share my location with a specific list vs. if a friend tags me in a check in and they share to all their friends. But I was actually just considering starting to use foursquare again...I used it a while back when it first started, but all the duplicate and/or crappily-named venues (I'm a little OCD) turned me off. We shall see how this service works. Maybe. Maybe not. :P

jakej914 says:

@Matt - I haven't had any issue with 3.2 yet...however, my posts rarely went through correctly on 3.1, so if that's fixed, I'll be happy.

JussGreg says:

I can see the usefulness of it, but personally don't see why I would want to use it. If someone needed to know where I was, they better just call me.

Tebowmania says:

People I'll be in Denver winning the Broncos a Super Bowl ring. Hit me up on Twitter.

dloveprod says:

Most of the time I don't even want them to know what I am thinking more less where I am

KEvin says:

I'm actually really looking forward to it and wish it was real time tracking (I'm not joking). I personally have no reason to fear of my friends knowing my location. It makes it easier for them to arrange to meet me and know not to call my if I'm at work etc.
What exactly do certain individuals have to hide? I used to have an app on my jailbroken 1st gen iPhone that would allow me to constantly update my location. I could also track a friend's location. When a friend entered a given radius of a postcode, I would receive an e-mail; something like 'Craig has just got home'. Thought it was really neat.
Maybe I'm in the obvious minority.

kirbini says:

Um, no. I would have to use Facebook first and there's not a chance in hell of that happening.

Björn says:

This is BS! These apps are becoming more and more invasive! Why is this okay?

jpoates says:

I like this feature, but would only share with my wife and maybe a few close friends. This would make me get my wife an iPhone and then we would know where each other were at all times. This is not for reasons of un-trust, but just another convenience.

Josh says:

No I will not be using Facebook places or anything Facebook related for that matter. I refuse to let Facebook profit off of my likes, dislikes, and other personal information without my consent. Aparrently just being on Facebook is consent for the company to sell your information so I deleted my profile years ago. I know I'm only one person and I'm not going to stop Facebook from doing what it does but at least I know my information is safe.

jasondeno says:

As long as the paranoid can disable it, I think it would be a fun new feature.
It's not any different than when your friends post that picture of you dancing with a drag queen.. I mean.. Just as a hypothetical example.. Mercedes was a good dancer..

Ferrigno says:

Hell to the no !!!!!!....

sting7k says:

No but not because I'm afraid of evil facebook. I just have no need for it. Also, having no issues with the new app version. They cleaned it up, finally reloads automatically when you start and pull down to refresh as well. Places is meh.

mike says:

this update screwed up my facebook app. it wont load anything now, and says "ERROR unable to load this page" when i try to look at anything. Places doesnt work, neither does news feed, or viewing anyones profiles.
My device is jailbroken on 4.0.1 if that makes a difference.
any advice? (aside from unjailbreak)

dustinae says:

facebook app has never worked right for me. why would this one be any different.

Manuel says:

Works fine for me too!?!

Caribou says:

"Places" is another handy way to pick good times to burglarize users' homes or thanks.

MooPenguin32 says:

I won't be using it. I'm not really into the whole "let everyone know where I am thing. I updated Facebook this morning and it says that Places is not currently available in my region (Raleigh, NC).
I have used Foursquare in the past because some places have special offers if you check in through there. But I'm not posting my Foursquare data on Twitter or Facebook nor do I have any friends on Foursquare.

melb_guy says:

I would use it if I was in somewhere public, but never at my house or my mates places or other places which people can directly relate to me.
I would also use it if they enabled it for Australia! I see no reason why this should be currently US only.

Boots says:

Still says Places not available in your area... Wtf

DataCentre says:

I don't mind using it. After all, it's only available for YOUR friends to see where you are, and if you're worried about your friends seeing where you are, and when they can break into your house, maybe they shouldn't be your friends.
When I had my Blackberry, I used the Google Latitude app all the time to update my current location, and it was a great way to meet up with friends and family for a bite to eat or a quick coffee.
I don't see anything different with this new "Places" than I did with Google Latitude. Just waiting for it to work in my current location.

BrianTufo says:

I'll use it because I'm a 26 year old male so I'm not worried about people stalking me I can handle myself. Also it seems like a cool feature so you can know what your friends are up to and a cool way to see what friends from back home are doing as well.

Bcald7 says:

No. If someone wants to know where I am, they can call and ask.

Daniel says:

And then people are so worried about a national ID,all these apps/features are so invasive.
Regarless of what you think there is no privacy at all in the US

Matt says:

'not available in your region'. So I guess not...

Pichikin says:

Facebook need to add video chat, it would be great

carolinamic says:

I think the main reason people have a problem with this is bc they have alot of "friends" on FaceBooK who are not their "friends". I will personally use it from time to time for "friends" only.

igorsky says:

I've never understood the purpose of this type of functionality. It's now easier than ever to communicate with people (cellular, email, text, etc.)...what's the benefit of constantly announcing where you are? At least Foursquare makes it interesting by giving incentives to check in. But Facebook? No thanks. Plus it's pretty douchey that you're opted by default.

Holly says:

Don't understand the whole facebook thing anyway, so -- NO WAY!!!

Mattshall says:

I might use it if it ever becomes availible in my region. Atlanta, ga

J1ca says:

F Facebook Noooooo. Apple already tracks us with are pictures and sees all are pictures!

JimmyD#IM says:

I'm curious to see how this works. I tried FourSquare but it never posted on my FB wall.
Why was this released when it's not up and running yet? I'm in San Francisco and my phone reads: This feature will be available in your region soon.

Edy says:

I hope the f remains face

Jcal08 says:

I think this feature is smart, and its 100% aimed a certain genre of people... tweens. who's parents drop them off at the mall and movies, etc. And the social networking addicts... Seeing as, the only people on my friends list that know where I live, are real friends that I know, and obviously trust ie, them coming over my house, the whole people breaking in thing is kinda irrelevant. So I'll give this a try.

paul says:

I may very rarely post an update if I'm somewhere that will make my friends jealous. Beyond that, I'm good

sellitman says:

I use $ Square but only with Twitter 98% of the time. I keep my Facebook completely separate from my Twitter feed too. So, NO, I won't use it.

VR says:

No. If I want someone to know where I am I will tell them. I don't need Facebook knowing too...

taylorh says:

I think I'm going to get irritated by everyone else's check ins spamming my live feed.

ScreenToucher says:

HELL NO!! Already disabled location setting for facebook on iPhone app and disabled anything that has to do with places on the facebook site.

Keisuke says:

No because apparently my country isn't as important as the U S of Aaaaaa!

KC says:

Correct, Keisuke, it is not.

phonejunky says:

Of course i will be using Facebooks, places i love this added feature to the application.