Facebook reportedly ready to launch their own mobile ad network this month. Anyone excited?

Facebook reportedly ready to launch their own mobile ad network this month. Anyone excited?

Facebook, the world's most popular social network, is reportedly looking to get into the lucrative mobile ad game, perhaps as early as their F8 developers conference set to kick off in San Francisco on April 30, 2014. Facebook has been serving their own ads for a long time now, but this would be a way for developers to integrate Facebook ads into their own apps and services, and it would bring Facebook into direct competition with Google's AdMob, Apple's iAd, among others. Mike Isaac, writing for Re/code:

Facebook will pitch the ads to publishers and developers as a way to leverage the social network’s vast database of user information for better ad targeting. And Facebook wins by expanding its ad reach — now it can make money from its billion-plus users even when they’re not on Facebook’s own properties.

The world is increasingly mobile and Facebook, which launched on the traditional computer and web browser, missed out on making the most of the initial transition. If this story pans out, they'll be late to the game on mobile ad networks as well, but in this case late is absolutely better than never.

Anyone actually looking forward to seeing Facebook-powered ads in their apps instead of Google, Apple, or someone else?

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Reader comments

Facebook reportedly ready to launch their own mobile ad network this month. Anyone excited?


Oh. Joy of joys. It sounds absolutely wonderful. Ads from Facebook.

Count me among the people who herald this as the next great epoch of technology.

Oh, wait, frak Facebook.

Woo Hoo, Dancing round doing a happy dance and jig. The Company started and run by a person that whined at the President of the country about NSA spying on us while the NSA really should ask Facebook for advice on mining people's personal information and selling it on to others. In fact maybe Facebook should have offered to sell the NSA some of their information.

Now we have them planning to operate their own adverts. Wonder if they will have subliminal messages inside them....

... LOL. Thankfully I only use facebook to make my Mum back in the UK happy since she has only just worked out how to use FB but for other things I would rather go with a company that has always been open about mining everything about me and in return offer in return as payment for my information the use of free services such as email, online office applications etc FB just wants the information and return they offer...

...advertising! Horrible interface and now the persistent hint that you should make you 'private' timeline public because it benefits THEM to do it.

No thanks.

I am just thrilled to tears of joy that they will be all over my phone. Bad enough Google and Apple are doing it. I may just finally leave Facebook.

Delete your Facebook. Just put your photos on Dropbox or Instagram or Flickr and then talk to your friends in real life, want them to see your vacation photos? Send them a link.

Exactly. There are so many other more private ways to share your life experiences. Google + for me has been great.

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